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The cornerstone of a Pierre DeRoche watch is its movement. Heir to a watchmaking tradition based on complications, the brand develops timepieces focusing on mechanics, accuracy and technical prowess.

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  • About Pierre DeRoche

    The history of Maison Pierre DeRoche is closely linked to that of Dubois Dépraz; the latter had its origins in 1901 with Marcel Dépraz.

    At the age of 25, Dépraz was a workshop supervisor; very early on, he displayed a particular talent for watch complications. He was pragmatic and creative, and believed that it was possible to develop other complications in addition to the ones on offer from a large number of firms. As a result, in 1907 he developed his first modules to be added to unfinished movements. In 1925, he created his first quarter repeater.

    Twelve years later, in 1937, he decided to replace the traditional column wheel with an audacious cam system. This mechanism was continuously improved and became the norm for a period of some 35 years.

    In 1937, Dépraz's son-in-law Reynold Dubois joined the Firm. He helped his father-in-law with the creation and assembly of his complications for the next forty years. Together they made benchmark calibers – such as the Chronograph Calibre 74, featuring an original push button and lever along with an instant-jump calendar. This was extremely rare at a time when the change of date took well over ten seconds!

    In 1956, Dubois' grandson Gérald joined him, and also busied himself with the development of chronograph movements, notably the famous Calibres 11 and 12, presented in 1969.

    It was to pay tribute to the history of this family and its major contribution to contemporary watchmaking that Gérald's son Pierre Dubois and his wife Carole created the Pierre DeRoche brand in 2004.

  • Pierre DeRoche's philosophy

    The cornerstone of a Pierre DeRoche watch is its movement. Heir to a watchmaking tradition based on complications, the brand develops timepieces focusing on mechanics, accuracy and technical prowess.

    Contemporary and innovative, Pierre DeRoche is a highly distinctive brand that aspires to maintain a family spirit within a limited-series manufacture.

  • Pierre DeRoche's 5 key dates

    1901: Marcel Dépraz founds his watchmaking workshop
    1907: Development of the first additional complication
    1937: Dépraz's son-in-law Reynold Dubois joins the Firm
    1956: Gérald Dubois joins the family firm and develops its first automatic chronograph
    2004: Pierre and Carole Dubois create the Pierre DeRoche brand

  • Pierre DeRoche's collections

    GrandCliff: The GrandCliff collection, featuring round cases, includes the firm's most technical timepieces: flyback chronograph, annual calendar, GMT, etc.

    SplitRock collection: In an imposing tonneau case, the SplitRock features a chronograph with a contemporary and feisty aesthetic appearance.

    TNT: The particular feature of these highly technical, round timepieces is that they do not have dials. They are made from pink gold or steel, with a special emphasis on chronographs and retrograde complications.

    ShinyPebbles: The ShinyPebbles women's collection features tonneau cases displaying plain or jewelled dials, with essential functions operated by a quartz movement.

  • Contact Pierre DeRoche

    Pierre DeRoche SA
    Le Revers 1
    CH-1345 Le Lieu
    T. +41 21 841 11 69

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