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At the time of the Brand’s creation in 1976, Raymond Weil wanted to bring luxury Swiss watchmaking within the reach of a wider public. This visionary approach, always dear to the three generations, has enabled the Brand to develop internationally, within the space of only a few decades.

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  • About Raymond Weil

    The history of RAYMOND WEIL is first and foremost one of a family: that of its founder of the same name, who dared to claim his independence and establish his own vision of Swiss watchmaking: high quality, innovative, elegant and accessible. Later on, his son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, followed by his two grandsons, Elie and Pierre Bernheim, joined him at the head of the company, combining their experience of more than 100 years together with their talents. With each of them contributing his own influence, the Swiss Brand was able to evolve in its own good time, while perpetuating an exceptional heritage and preserving its independence and family spirit.

    If the know-how and the passion for watchmaking have been handed down from generation to generation within the RAYMOND WEIL family, so has the love of music! It is in this artistic universe composed of passionate stories and exceptional melodies that each member of the clan likes to plumb the depths of his inspiration in the creation of watch products. This is borne out by the names of the Brand’s collections taken from famous operas such as nabucco and parsifal, or with musical connotations, such as maestro or jasmine.

    Emotions, precision, performance: these are the values common to music and watchmaking that RAYMOND WEIL wishes to share with its clients.

  • Raymond Weil's philosohpy

    At the time of the Brand’s creation in 1976, Raymond Weil wanted to bring luxury Swiss watchmaking within the reach of a wider public. This visionary approach, always dear to the three generations, has enabled the Brand to develop internationally, within the space of only a few decades.

    Despite this rapid expansion to a global level, the Geneva watchmaking company succeeded in retaining its human character and its independence, and in this way maintains a relationship of mutual trust and deep respect with its longstanding business partners. The Brand also remains very close to its clients and is always paying great attention to their needs and expectations. Responding to these, in recent years, RAYMOND WEIL has reinforced its lower-priced collections and developed new, more sophisticated, mechanical models, which appeal to the ever-broadening audience of watchmaking enthusiasts.


  • Raymond Weil's 4 key dates

    1976: Foundation of the Brand by Raymond Weil, who established his own vision of luxury Swiss watchmaking, making it more creative and accessible.
    1982: Olivier Bernheim, Raymond Weil's son-in-law, joined the company and in 1996 was named as its President and Chief Executive Officer. His visionary entrepreneurial spirit enabled the watchmaking company to develop on a global level, while preserving its independence and family identity.
    1999: Creation of the Research and Development Department, enabling the company to master the whole watch conception process, from design to end quality control.
    2006: Elie and Pierre Bernheim, grandsons of the founder, joined the company. The 3rd generation is thus ensuring the family succession, the guarantee of stability and continuity, while bringing to the Brand its new vision of luxury and its interest in new technologies.

  • Raymond Weil's collections

    Maestro: Launched in 2010, maestro is a very elegant collection with a classic design, entirely mechanical and including some complication in the great Swiss watchmaking tradition. Its name pays homage to the artists who succeed in masterfully synchronising the rhythms of tradition and innovation.

    Freelancer: The name freelancer recalls that the Swiss Brand is one of the last independent Swiss watchmakers. It is also a reference to the creative freedom of the artist-watchmaker at his work bench. Thus the collection has never ceased evolving since its creation in 2007, while at the same time retaining its urbane, relaxed and elegant personality.

    Jasmine: An ensemble of delicate curves, the jasmine collection created in 2011 embodies elegance pure femininity. It takes its name from the Puccini Opera, Turandot, in which the splendor of the princess is associated with jasmine. In honor of this subtle beauty, the design of the flower is traced at the heart of the dial in guilloche. A real watch-jewel.

    Parsifal: As a homage to the Richard Wagner opera, the parsifal collection celebrates the values of the hero, Perceval. Launched over 20 years ago, this historic collection remains faithful to the aesthetic contours of the first models, with a gadrooned bezel, a finely worked bracelet, and the use of noble materials all in perfect harmony with today's trends.

    Nabucco: Inspired by the mythical work of Giuseppe Verdi, the nabucco collection exalts power and nobility. Dedicated to gentlemen with a strong personality, the entirely automatic collection, launched in 2007, is notable for its imposing and very masculine architecture and its high-tech materials combining strength and audacity.

    Noemia: Etymologically, noemia signifies “charm” or “grace”. This name also has the association of being the first name of Raymond Weil's granddaughter. It is a collection in this image: feminine, gentle, light, graceful, surprising and elegant, as evidenced by the delicate contours of its polished steel case and the refined beauty of its dial.

    Tango: Appealing to both women and men, the tango collection combines aesthetic purity and functionality. Resembling an Argentinian dancing couple, this line's models are the expression of harmony and precision, strength and sensuality.

    Tradition: According to its variations, whether feminine or masculine, the tradition collection remains faithful to a classic and timeless spirit, which has lasted through the generations. Swiss precision at an unbeatable price.

  • Contact Raymond Weil

    Avenue Eugène-Lance 36-38
    Case postale 1569
    1211 Genève 26
    T. +41 22 884 00 55

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    Raymond Weil

    Freelancer Piper

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Raymond Weil Freelancer Skeleton
Raymond Weil

A Freelancer Skeleton kicks off the 40th birthday celebrations

— Raymond Weil promises us a busy year as the independent brand has some major announcements in store for its 40th anniversary. The celebrations start with a new skeleton model in the Freelancer collection.
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— Raymond Weil presents a new Maestro timepiece.
NOVEMBER 14, 2015
Raymond Weil

Katheryn Winnick, new face of the brand

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NOVEMBER 03, 2015
Raymond Weil - Freelancer
Raymond Weil


— The latest offering from the Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil is a freelancer timepiece with a contemporary look.
NOVEMBER 02, 2015
Raymond Weil

Partnership with Gibson celebrated in Nashville

— A private event celebrated the guitar-inspired nabucco timepiece and the brand's partnership .
OCTOBER 23, 2015
Katheryn Winnick, Raymond Weil, Vikings
Raymond Weil

New brand ambassador

— Acclaimed TV series Vikings’ leading star Katheryn Winnick is Raymond Weil new brand ambassador.
OCTOBER 05, 2015
Raymond Weil
Raymond Weil

New Maestro models

— The Strongest Collection Gets Stronger.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
Raymond Weil Freelancer femme
Raymond Weil


— The Swiss watch manufacturer unveils a new Freelancer dedicated to ladies.
SEPTEMBER 02, 2015
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    freelancer Piper

    — In tribute to its founder’s deep passion for aviation, Swiss watchmaker partners with legendary aviation manufacturer Piper Aircraft Inc. and presents its...
    MAY 30, 2015
  • Raymond Weil, Nicola Benedetti
    Raymond Weil

    First female music ambassador

    — The classical violinist Nicola Benedetti is the brand’s first female music ambassador.
    MAY 23, 2015
  • Raymond Weil, Nabucco Tourbillon Cello
    Raymond Weil

    Nabucco Tourbillon Cello

    — The nabucco Tourbillon Cello is the first timepiece in Raymond Weil’s history to feature a tourbillon movement.
    APRIL 28, 2015
  • Raymond Weil, Edition Limitée Maestro Frank Sinatra
    Raymond Weil

    Maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition

    — The maestro Frank Sinatra Limited Edition watch pays homage to the legendary artist and his iconic persona.
    APRIL 10, 2015
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  • Raymond Weil Toccata
    Raymond Weil

    Toccata, 34mm

    — Raymond Weil announces its partnership with internationally renowned classic violinist Nicola Benedetti to present the new 34mm ladies watch, toccata.
    MARCH 26, 2015
  • Nabucco Gibson © Raymond Weil
    Raymond Weil

    Nabucco Gibson

    — Raymond Weil announces its new product collaboration with Gibson Brands and unveils a very special nabucco timepiece...
    MARCH 20, 2015
  • Melvyn Odoom, Ricky Heywood-Williams, BRIT Awards 2015, Raymond Weil
    Raymond Weil

    Brit Awards 2015

    — On 26 February 2015, at the O2 Arena, London, Raymond Weil celebrated its ten-year anniversary of sponsoring the BRIT Awards 2015.
    FEBRUARY 27, 2015
  • Pre-BRIT Awards dinner with Raymond Weil and Labrinth
    Raymond Weil

    Video. Pre-BRIT Awards dinner with Labrinth

    — Labrinth hosted the Raymond Weil Pre-BRIT Awards dinner at his restaurant Mosaica in London.
    FEBRUARY 17, 2015