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A family firm based in Switzerland, RDI is active in the watch accessory business, notably producing high-quality winders for mechanical watches.


Charles Kaeser is a serial inventor who has dreamed up a number of novel products for the cosmetics and healthcare industries, as well as developing a unique injection-moulding technique for plastics that proved popular with some of the world’s major watch brands. His foray into watch accessories started with a colossal mechanical watch winder that was around four feet high and cost an eye-watering 150,000 Swiss francs. More recently, he decided to turn his attention to making smaller versions with an equally high quality to offer to collectors of fine watches.

The result is a product whose motor alone costs more than some other watch winders, is made of high-quality materials and weighs in at a substantial 3.2 kilos. It can be powered by batteries or mains electricity and comes with a prestigious artisanal inlay, which can also be made to order.

Creation of RDI-Charles Kaeser.
Production of various machines for the pharmaceutical industry.
Start of watch winder development.
Launch of the Horizon.

Since Mr Kaeser is an inventor, his first step before designing his own watch winder was to disassemble various existing relatively cheap models to see what was inside. He was astonished to find that some of them had the same cheap electric motor that you would find in a child’s toy, one which costs less than one Swiss franc. It was then that he decided his alternative would be a high-quality offering worthy of the fine watches that it would house. Emphasis is placed on the quality of all components, from the electric motor to the housing and the artisanal inlays. All the products are assembled in Switzerland in RDI’s own workshop.



These individually numbered, limited-edition models bring a touch of the artistic crafts to a mechanical watch winder, with finishes in wood marquetry by renowned Parisian artist Rose Saneuil. Soft black metal columns and a leather-clad front with opening glass door complete the high-quality object, which is powered by mains electricity or batteries and offers 16 different winding programmes.


With an exceptional design hand made in Switzerland using the finest quality leather, the Horizon winds your watch in silence and is operated by mains or battery.


The ultra-silent watch winders in the RDI Prestige collection come in a sturdy case with metal legs and a hinged glass front panel. The watch is placed on a specially-developed support that can adapt to any type or size of bracelet and the individual winders can be combined to form towers. The Prestige is the perfect complement to any high-end watch collection and comes in a variety of models. For those with more demanding tastes, the Dream model allows you to completely personalize your own watch winder.


The ultimate high-end watch winder for those who love mechanics in all their different forms, the Safe-Lift can house from 4 to 25 individual watchwinders in a safe that can be opened by remote control. A gold-plated gear train with bridges, like that in a watch, comes into action to raise the watch winders out of their housing behind palladium columns.