Reuge combines the art of the manufacture with innovation to create bespoke items.

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  • About Reuge

    In 1865 Charles Reuge founded the firm of the same name, specialising in the manufacture of mechanical pocket watches fitted with musical movements, in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

    Twenty-one years later in 1886, his son Albert opened a musical box workshop there. He soon converted the family workshop into a prosperous local factory that eventually became a small plant producing musical parts.

    Guido Reuge, the founder's grandson, took over the firm in 1930 and headed it up for 60 years. He also bought out a large number of competing businesses.

    In 1960, the firm took a decisive step in the direction of singing birds. Over the next fifteen years, Reuge learned the trade by merging with companies specialising in this craft. In 1988, the family firm was taken over by a group of Swiss investors, who provided it with the necessary resources to enable it to achieve a new stage in its growth.

    Today, Reuge combines the tradition of its mechanical musical boxes with technology and materials to serve a younger, more dynamic clientele seeking bespoke items.

  • Reuge's philosophy

    Reuge combines the art of the manufacture with innovation to create bespoke items. Its aim is to maintain and strengthen the image and new positioning of mechanical music as an art.

    Reuge is the only company in the world that is still manufacturing luxury musical boxes. It has unique knowhow in this art, the vocation of which is to give musical boxes their magic of yesteryear once again.

    Featuring themes such as singing birds and musical watches, Reuge strives to maintain the poetry of these mechanical automata on which time has no hold. In many ways, the knowhow and movements involved can be compared to the grand complications of watches, and they are often developed in close collaboration with renowned designers and brands.

  • Reuge's 5 key dates

    1865: first musical pocket watch workshop in Sainte-Croix
    1930: Guido Reuge, the third generation in the family, takes over the Firm
    1960: acquisition of the Bontems manufacture in Paris
    2007: creation of the “Bespoke” line – VIP gifts for governments and high society
    2012: decision to build a new manufacture

  • Reuge's collections

    Collection 1865 – tradition: A fine reflection of traditional knowhow, with ample use of marquetry, exotic woods and traditional designs.

    Contemporary collection: The contemporary collection is aesthetically pleasing and innovative, combining tradition and technology.
    One section of the collection is in the spirit of artefacts and decorations, showing off the musical box as a piece of creative and artistic expression whose aesthetic appearance is all it takes to convey a meaningful message. The other combines mechanical knowhow and technological research in more of a “concept car” philosophy.

    “Bespoke” – “tailored” collection: This collection bears all the hallmarks of creativity and craftsmanship, featuring customised musical boxes. The collection is geared to heads of state, leading companies, and so on.

  • Contact Reuge

    Rue des Rasses 26
    CH-1450 Sainte-Croix
    T. +41 24 455 22 22

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Featured Reuge Watches

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    Pocket Watches

    Charles Reuge

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— Reuge, in collaboration with Lancôme, made a special music box for the promotion of the perfume "La vie est belle".
SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
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When price, limited numbers and power reserve all boil down to the same number

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AUGUST 26, 2015
Kurt Kuppert

Kurt Kupper honored

— The CEO of Reuge received the Leadership Award from the European University Business School.
JULY 20, 2015
Reuge   MB&F

MusicMachine 3

— MusicMachine 3 has been developed and crafted by Reuge according to MB&F’s design.
JULY 16, 2015
Reuge concours

Win a Reuge music box

— This July, take your chance at winning the Arche music box worth CHF 3900.-
JULY 08, 2015

Video. Little Forest music box

— Take a closer look at Little Forest, a Reuge wooden music box available with LED lights.
JUNE 29, 2015

The winner of our competition

— In march we offered an Arche music box by Reuge in our monthly competition. Here is the lucky winner!
JUNE 17, 2015
M. Jérôme L. gagnant du concours Reuge-WorldTempus

The winner of the competition

— Jérôme L., from Paris, participated in our contest last December and won the Arche music box. Congratulations!
APRIL 11, 2015
Reuge, Animals

Video. Animals

— Take a look at the Reuge Animals.
APRIL 05, 2015
Boite a musique café Reuge

Bliss with Kiss

— World premier during Baselworld: a mechanical music box serving coffee.
MARCH 20, 2015
Kurt Kupper, CEO de Reuge, à Doha

Reuge singing bird landed in Doha

— During the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition in Qatar, Reuge created quite some attention.
MARCH 06, 2015
boîte à musique Arche de Reuge

Win a Reuge music box

— This March, take your chance at winning the Arche music box worth CHF 3900.-
MARCH 02, 2015
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731
Minute repeaters

Can a minute repeater play out of tune?

— It all began with a simple, direct question. And like all questions of this type, it took most experts in this field by surprise: can a minute repeater get out of tune? And if so, can it be retuned?
JANUARY 15, 2015
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    — Why not give music fans who already have every imaginable album a watch either dedicated to their idol or somewhat more discreetly connected to the world of...
    DECEMBER 12, 2014
  • Les Oiseaux © Reuge

    The Birds

    — For a VIP customer, Reuge has realized 15 mechanical automatons, inspired by Bubo, the famous mechanical owl in the film « Clash of the Titans ».
    SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
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