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The Roger Dubuis Manufacture was founded on the desire for independence and watchmaking excellence. It is the only manufacture in which all the parts are Geneva Seal certified, and has developed over thirty completely original in-house movements in record time.

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  • About Roger Dubuis

    The Roger Dubuis Manufacture in Geneva was founded in 1995. It resulted from the meeting between the famous watchmaker of that name and entrepreneur Carlos Dias.

    From the outset, the Firm's ambition was to become a top-level, fully integrated manufacture.After four years of development, in 1999 the first calibers fully designed and developed in-house were unveiled.

    To have resources commensurate with his ambitions, in 2001 Roger Dubuis built his manufacture in Meyrin, on the close outskirts of Geneva. This light and airy building in an avant-garde style houses all the watchmaking trades, along with the Firm's headquarters.

    On the strength of its success with true watch connoisseurs, in 2005 Roger Dubuis decided on an extension. In 2008, the Roger Dubuis Manufacture became a part of the Richemont Group.

  • Roger Dubuis' philosophy

    The Roger Dubuis Manufacture was founded on the desire for independence and watchmaking excellence. It is the only manufacture in which all the parts are Geneva Seal certified, and has developed over thirty completely original in-house movements in record time.

    Following a philosophy that involves revolutionising the fundamentals of Fine Watchmaking, Roger Dubois incorporates high-flying complications in bold timepieces with an uncompromising aesthetic design.

    Keen to pass on watchmaking traditions, Roger Dubuis has joined the “Institute of Swiss Watchmaking (IOSW)” programme, launched by Richemont in 2008, to train up future generations.

  • Roger Dubuis' 5 key dates

    1995: Roger Dubuis brand is founded
    1999: presentation of the first in-house Geneva Seal certified movement
    2001: construction of the Manufacture in Meyrin
    2005: launch of the Excalibur collection, the brand's flagship line, featuring an exclusive double tourbillon movement
    2008: Roger Dubuis becomes a part of the Richemont Group

  • Roger Dubuis' collections

    Excalibur: The keynotes of the Excalibur collection are technical excellence and powerful design. In a purposefully extravagant expression of style and watchmaking expertise, this line carries Fine Watchmaking to new horizons.

    La Monégasque: Drawing its inspiration from Monte Carlo, the La Monégasque collection's distinctive feature is its unique shape, highlighting refined, elegant lines. A contemporary interpretation of watchmaking codes rooted in tradition, the La Monégasque collection's watchwords are audacity and excellence.

    Pulsion: The Pulsion collection is technical, powerful and dynamic. Its screwed crystal and lack of a crown make it stand out. It combines the dynamism and strength one expects from watches built for action with all the visible complexity of contemporary Haute Horlogerie.

    Velvet: The Velvet watches, prima donnas of Fine Watchmaking, attract everyone's attention with their outstanding charisma. Featuring split-level stylised dials; figures and appliques converging on the centre; decorated clasps; and the part-circle, part-barrel  shape of the trompe-l'oeil cases, they are a virtuoso, poetic expression of the brand's codes.

    Hommage: The Geneva Watchmaker bears witness to its admiration for the founding father of the brand, Mr Roger Dubuis, with the advent of the Hommage collection. This exclusive collection is dedicated to Fine Watchmaking enthusiasts, meeting every required specification for prestigious precision instruments.

    Historic collections: The Historic Collections comprise a KingSquare, featuring an imposing square case, and an EasyDiver, a fresh expression of watchmaking for sportsmen.

  • Contact Roger Dubuis

    Manufacture Roger Dubuis
    Rue André-De-Garrini 2
    CP 149
    CH-1217 Meyrin 2 (Geneva)
    T. +41 22 783 28 28

    Official website



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    Roger Dubuis


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    Excalibur³⁶ Jewellery

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    Velvet High Jewellery

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    Excalibur⁴² Skeleton Flying Tourbillon

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    Roger Dubuis

    Excalibur Round Table

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