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Scatola del Tempo

The Italian brand that is striving for perfection with its watch cases and watch winders.


Scatola del Tempo was born from the simple wish of an ardent watch collector, Sandro Colarieti, to have for his collection of watches a range of carrying cases that shared the same level of quality as his fine timepieces. Unable to find such a product on the market, he decided to produce them himself, at first offering surplus production to his friends. But as demand grew further, the company Scatola del Tempo was established and is today known around the world for its quality watch cases and watch winders.
The Scatola del Tempo watch cases are designed and produced with full respect for the valuable timepieces they are destined to protect, with shock-absorbing materials, high-quality finishing and the use of materials that will not only have no adverse effect on the watches inside but also serve to highlight their value.
Scatola del Tempo produced the world’s first mechanical watch winders in 1990 using the same approach. The high-quality of its products was appreciated by some of the finest watch brands, such as Patek Philippe, which was one of the first to order bespoke versions for their own watches.

Creation of the first watch box by Sandro Colarieti.
Creation of the world’s first watch winder by Sandro Colarieti in collaboration with Patek Philippe. The design was protected by a ten-year patent.
For its 10th anniversary the company produces its first armoured piece to house 32 watches as the start of its bespoke production, a field where Scatola del Tempo is now specialized.
Cristiana Colarieti, Sandro Colarieti’s daughter, takes over the management of the company.
Scatola del Tempo celebrates its 25th anniversary with the opening of a co-branded boutique in Shanghai.

Scatola del Tempo designs its products with a view of what they are destined to contain. Using the finest quality materials and the most skilled craftsmen, who always work by hand, the brand uses the finest leather and the most prestigious jacquard silks made in Como.
The essential concept on which Scatola del Tempo is founded is that nothing in the design of construction of its products is underestimated or left to chance. From the ergonomics of the watch holders to the choice of the best silks, clasps, leathers, wood veneers, as well as the motors and electronics for the watch winders, every element of a product is made with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Winders in leather

Scatola del Tempo offers a range of watch winders with an elegant leather-clad design to show off just the pieces in your collection, at the same time ensuring that they are optimally wound, whether using battery or mains power.

Winders in wood

Need a storage solution for multiple watches? Scatola del Tempo offers a range of modular watch storage boxes with integrated winders for several watches. With models housing from three to nine watches with their individual winder, there is something to suit every taste.

Entry level

If you have just one watch that needs to be kept optimally wound and would like to show it off in an elegant housing at the same time, Scatola del Tempo’s entry-level Rotor One and Be1 models are the perfect choice.

Watch boxes

For elegant storage solutions for anything from one to twelve watches, Scatola del Tempo offers a range of travel pouches and briefcases.

Bespoke collection

Scatola del Tempo has developed a number of bespoke watch winders and storage solutions covering everything from a single watch to an entire collection. From desk-based solutions to entire storage cupboards and safes, Scatola del Tempo has the know-how to meet your needs.