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Sequent has revolutionised the smartwatch world by creating the first models that can be recharged using the natural movement of the wrist. Borrowing the principle of a winding rotor from mechanical watchmaking, the SuperCharger models are the only smartwatches in the world with no battery limitations and no cables, which makes them better for the environment.


Sequent is a 100% independent Swiss company founded in 2015. Its initial goal was to create the very first completely autonomous smartwatch, free of the usual constraint of needing to be charged every 24 or 48 hours (which is true for most). A connected watch that offers the freedom of a self-winding mechanical watch, with all the biometric functions of a smartwatch.

After two years in development, Sequent had created a genuinely self-charging smartwatch, able to harness the movements of the wrist thanks to the centuries-old technology of the oscillating weight. In 2017 the SuperCharger1 was born, complete with its own mobile app. It is equipped with the first automatic winding smartwatch movement.

This development was made possible with the commitment of private investors, but also, and above all, the support of the 4000 members of the public who, over the course of just a few weeks, signed up for the Kickstarter campaign. A total of 1.2 million francs was raised – far beyond expectations. This was more than just a validation of a technological and financial model: it was a resounding vote of confidence.

Two years on, in 2019, Sequent now has its own subsidiary in Taiwan, where the hardware and software for the SuperCharger collection are created. The company is currently working on completing the SuperCharger2, based on the same self-charging principle.

Concept of a self-charging smartwatch is launched. Sequent is created.
Kickstarter campaign is launched. 4000 supporters commit a total of 1.2 Swiss francs to Sequent. This is most capital ever raised by a Swiss smartwatch brand.
Delivery of the first SuperCharger1 smartwatches. Most of them sell out within a few weeks.
Sequent opens a subsidiary in Taiwan, dedicated to developing the next-generation SuperCharger, the SuperCharger2. Total now employs around 35 people in equipment development, software development and commercial development for the brand.

Sequent is pursuing a new vision of the smartwatch – new in terms of both technology and the environment. For Sequent, the weak link is the same in both cases: the battery. It severely limits the autonomy of the watch (24 to 48 hours in most cases), needs frequent connection to a charging cable, and it has a considerable environmental impact, particularly given its mediocre performance. By removing the battery, Sequent is saving the Earth from millions of them, while offering superior performance at the same time.

By completely rethinking the way a smartwatch is charged, all these problems are solved in one go. The mechanical rotor combines decades-old mechanism with the contemporary concerns of technology and the environment. The combination of these two worlds, rather than being paradoxical, is on the contrary mutually beneficial, and represents a strong commitment to nature. With its dedicated sensors and specially designed app, Sequent also promotes good health and wellbeing by monitoring key health indicators.



SuperCharger is Sequent’s inaugural collection. The watch charges itself using the movement of the wrist. Its minimalistic dial features two subdials that measure the various parameters offered through the Sequent app: activity (three-axis gyroscope), GPS, smartphone notifications (incoming calls), automatic time-setting and heart rate monitor. These data are consolidated in the proprietary biofeedback app, to give a clear and optimal overview of health and performance.

The SuperCharger measures 43 mm in diameter and comes with a wide variety of case options (steel, aluminium) and straps (leather, rubber and cordura), which can be changed easily without the need for special tools. The free Sequent app is available for iOS and Android.