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An audacious idea born out of a desire to break from the traditional watchmaking codes. A new way of reading the time. Poetry on the wrist, an intimate link to time. Trilobe is all of those things, and so much more.


Trilobe is a creative brand that is 100% independent, founded in France in 2018. The Trilobe watch is truly an invitation to think outside the box and adopt a new way of reading time.

This original way of displaying the hours, minutes and seconds is made possible by a patented module unique in watchmaking: The X-Centric module. This innovation took three years of development, under the supervision of one of the most esteemed movement makers in watchmaking, Jean-François Mojon. This module comprised of several hundred components relies on the caliber 2892, a movement known for its reliability and its Swiss Made precision.

At the center of this composition as technical as it is aesthetically pleasing lies several architectural inspirations. The three eccentric and mobile rings turn counter-clockwise, as opposed to the typical direction for watch hands.

The trefoil (“Trilobe” in French), which gives the brand its name, is an ornamental motif with three arms is a timeless and universal architectural symbol and echoes the three units of time: hours, minutes and seconds. Another architectural element featured is the “rosace”. Originally featured on the Sainte-Chapelle, a Parisian church built at the turn of the 14th century. A radiant symbol in architecture, this rosace welcomes light into the heart of the watch.

Creation of the Trilobe project by Gautier Massoneau.
Gauthier Massoneau partners with Jean-François Mojon, master Swiss watchmaker.
Trilobe is officially launched at the Musée des Arts & Métiers in Paris.
Trilobe joins the circle of watchmaking companies exhibiting at Baselworld, the World Watchmaking Fair.
Launch of first variation of Trilobe’s core collection, “Les Matinaux Secret”, which includes personalization of the dial.

An audacious idea born out of a desire to break from the traditional watchmaking codes. A new way of reading the time. Poetry on the wrist, an intimate link to time. Trilobe is all of those things, and so much more.

Created in 2013, Trilobe is a watchmaking journey that reinvents the wheel using no hands. The brand proposes (and submits) a unique concept in which the hours, minutes and seconds are indicated by eccentric rings that are permanently rotating. Time doesn’t stand still, but on the continuous move: the large outermost ring indicates the hour, the middle ring the minutes, and the smallest ring the seconds.


Les Matinaux

An homage to poet and member of the French Resistance René Char (1907 – 1988), “Les Matinaux” is a collection dedicated to its eponymous book, published in 1950. This collection of poems encourages readers to not rely on convention, to live, dare, create—a starting point for Trilobe which, today in its own fashion, proposes an alternative to traditional watchmaking with hands without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship.

Trilobe and René Char invites you to go beyond convention with this quote from the famous poet: “Try your luck, hold on to your happiness and move towards risk. By looking your way, others will follow.”

The collection offers 8 declinations with its dials and bracelets with folding buckles, all with a 40.5mm 316L steel case. The automatic caliber (2892 base, 28’800 vib/h, 42-hours of power reserve) is animated thanks to the X-Centric module (103 components, 3 years of development), initiating the movement of the concentric rings for the hours, minutes and seconds which slide on rubies underneath.

Les Matinaux Secret

With the same technical base as the “Les Matinaux”, the “Les Matinaux Secret” Collection (2019) allows the user to personalize the dial with the representation of the night sky on the date and location of their choice. The collection therefore only offers unique custom-made models. Each dial depicting the starry sky is crafted through a Super-LumiNova 3D embossing—a first in watchmaking. “Les Matinaux Secret” was a project conceived at the founding of Trilobe that was originally pushed back due to the complexity and technicality of the 3D embossing process of
Super LumiNova.