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An exploration of the history of Vacheron Constantin is a voyage of discovery, revealing the excellence of age-old watchmaking.

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  • About Vacheron Constantin

    Founded in Geneva in 1755, the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking manufacture is the oldest in the world, having been in business uninterrupted for over 250 years.

    The firm has always adhered to three fundamental principles: excellent technique, inspired, harmonious aesthetics and the ultimate in finishes.This spirit of Fine Watchmaking first emerged in Geneva's Saint Gervais quarter, where Jean-Marc Vacheron, then 24, opened his watchmaking workshop.

    Driven by the same passion, his grandson Jacques-Barthélémy contributed to the rise of the family firm from 1810 onwards by developing exports to Europe.

    The early nineteenth century sealed the destiny of Jacques-Barthélémy Vacheron and François Constantin, a seasoned traveller. The manufacture was named after both of them.

    On 5 July 1819, Constantin sent a letter to Vacheron which included what was to become the Firm's motto: “Do better if possible and that is always possible.”

    In 1906, the Firm opened its first shop on Quai de l'Ile in Geneva – it is still there to this day. It has been owned by the Richemont Group since 1996; in 2005, it built a manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates – a fitting way to celebrate its 250th anniversary. 

  • Vacheron Constantin's philosophy

    An exploration of the history of Vacheron Constantin is a voyage of discovery, revealing the excellence of age-old watchmaking. Each timepiece is the result of the creative inspiration of the watchmaker or craftsman, dedicating their knowhow to the birth of outstanding watches. The Manufacture also works within a social and environmental code of ethics, and has had Responsible Jewellery Council certification since 2012.

  • Vacheron Constantin's 5 key dates

    1755: founded by Jean-Marc Vacheron
    1819: Jacques-Barthélémy Vacheron and François Constantin found the manufacture named after them
    1839: Vacheron Constantin creates the pantograph, enabling the main watch components to be reproduced. This invention was to revolutionise watchmaking
    1955: creation of slimmest manual wind caliber in the world for the Firm's bicentenary
    2005: Vacheron Constantin celebrates its 250th anniversary with a set of exceptional timepieces, including two world firsts

  • Vacheron Constantin's collections

    Patrimony: The classic Patrimony collection is a contemporary expression of the Firm's stylistic elegance – and beats to the rhythm of everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated mechanisms.

    Malte: The name is reminiscent of the Firm's emblem; its distinguishing features are its contemporary design and technical prowess. In honour of the one hundredth anniversary of the tonneau form at Vacheron Constantin, a new Malte collection was launched in 2012.

    Quai de l'Ile: Quai de l'Ile has been the historic headquarters of Vacheron Constantin since the nineteenth century. Faithful to its philosophy of service, with Quai de l'Ile Vacheron Constantin has launched a fully customisable line offering several types of movements, all Geneva Seal certified, alongside a wide choice of materials and dials.

    Overseas: The Overseas line is contemporary, sporty and technical, reflecting the modern world through its name, which is evocative of travel and exploration.

    1972: The 1972 line draws its inspiration from the asymmetrical model that received the coveted “Diplôme du Prestige de la France” in 1972. These timepieces offer a clever blend of elegance and audacity.

    Historiques: The Historiques bear witness to two hundred and fifty years' worth of history, drawing their inspiration from the icons of the Firm's heritage and reinterpreting them in keeping with watchmaking tradition.

    Métiers D'Art: The Métiers d'Art family brings together the knowhow cultivated by Vacheron Constantin in the field of decorative arts and applied to watchmaking design. The craftsmen's talents are embodied in the enamelling, jewel setting, guilloche, skeleton framing and hand engraving of the movement components and the case.

    Atelier Cabinotiers – special orders: For the Cabinotiers, there is no catalogue or collection: the vocation of the “Atelier Cabinotiers Special Order” department is to create unique, fully-customised bespoke timepieces. All requests, from the simplest to the most complicated, are studied by an ethics commi

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    Vacheron Constantin
    10, chemin du Tourbillon
    CH - 1228 PLAN-LES-OUATES / Geneva
    Tel +41 22 930 20 05

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Featured Vacheron Constantin Watches

  • Vacheron Constantin - Contemporaine Dame bracelet or

    Vacheron Constantin


    Contemporaine Lady gold bracelet

  • Vacheron Constantin Collection Excellence Platine Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Tourbillon 89000/000P-9843 - face view

    Vacheron Constantin

    Excellence Platine

    Patrimony Traditionnelle tourbillon 14 jours

  • Vacheron Constantin - Montre Lys blanc

    Vacheron Constantin

    Métiers d'Art

    Florilège White Lily - Haute Joaillerie

  • Vacheron Constantin - Malte Dame

    Vacheron Constantin

    Malte Lady

  • Vacheron-Constantin-metier d'art hommage à l'art de la danse-la repetion-86090/000G-9880 - Face

    Vacheron Constantin

    Métiers d'Art

    Hommage à l'Art de la Danse - The Rehearsal

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Only Watch 2015

Four watches that put art at the service of charity

— After a first look that caused some debate, we review four Only Watch 2015 watches that put artistic crafts at the service of charity.
JULY 24, 2015
Only Watch 2015
Only Watch Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin

Only Watch 2015

— For Only Watch 2015, Vacheron Constantin has created a unique timepiece beautified by an enamelled red ring.
JULY 07, 2015
watch dial
Watch dials

A question of legibility

— Tone on tone colouring, excessively small typography as well as dials overladen with indications all detract from the readability of watches. The problem is that this does not always stem from a deliberate style effect.
JULY 03, 2015
fleurs d'été
Ladies’ watches

Fresh as a daisy

— Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for watchmakers who appear to have passed the word around with a flurry of feminine models featuring floral motifs. It is the season for romance and fine mechanisms…
JULY 01, 2015
Vacheron Constantin Geneva at The Heart of Time Exhibition
Vacheron Constantin

Video. Geneva at The Heart of Time Exhibition

— "Geneva at The Heart of Time Exhibitions" is the first ever Swiss horological exhibition in Capital Museum, China.
JUNE 27, 2015
Geoffroy Lefebvre, Céline Tchernin
Vacheron Constantin

Science Award 2015

— The Vacheron Constantin Science Award 2015 has been attributed to Dr Céline Tchernin.
JUNE 13, 2015
Vacheron Constantin

Video. Harmony - Watchmaking Sculpture

— Take a closer look at the "Harmony" collection.
JUNE 03, 2015
montre Rose Centifolia
Vacheron Constantin

Métiers d’Art Florilège, Rose Centifolia watch

— Second model in the Métiers d’Art Florilège collection.
JUNE 01, 2015
Standard Time 2007
Telling Time

In praise of the hour

— “Telling time” is the title of an expertly curated exhibition that debuts at the MUDAC in Lausanne this month.
MAY 30, 2015
Asymmetrical watches
Asymmetrical watches

Legion of broken lines

— Rarer than minute repeater perpetual calendars, grand complication models, or even multi-axis tourbillons, asymmetrical watches nevertheless sell for as little as 500 Swiss francs.
MAY 30, 2015
Vacheron Constantin, Calibre 3300
Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin and its manufacture-made chronographs

— With three exclusive in-house-made calibres, Vacheron Constantin is finally adding a chronograph to its range of Manufacture-made movements.
MAY 26, 2015
Overseas Ref. 47450/000A-9039   Vacheron Constatin
Vacheron Constantin

Two Overseas Ultramarine Blue limited editions

— Two new Overseas watches, a simple date and a Dual Time, are clad in a deep shade of blue for summer.
MAY 21, 2015
Vacheron Constantin Metiers d'Arts Florilege Renealmia watch
Vacheron Constantin

Métiers d’Art Florilège, Renealmia watch

— Two years after its first presentation, the Manufacture unveils three new models from its Métiers d’Art Florilège collection.
MAY 11, 2015
  • Mouvement Breguet

    Movements in fine form

    — Form movements are an aesthete’s pleasure, hugging the curves and lines of the cases containing them to the nearest millimetre. Horological feats composed of...
    MAY 08, 2015
  • Aurel Bacs

    Aurel Bacs, a collector’s heart

    — From Christie’s to Phillips via Bacs & Russo, the president of the GPHG jury also presides over Only Watch. The May auction season promises to be intense.
    MAY 07, 2015
  • Patek Philippe, Ref. 2514 Lot 92 Phillips Geneva auction

    Preview of the first Phillips Geneva Sale

    — The first Geneva sale of watches hosted by the new Phillips watch department in exclusive collaboration with Bacs & Russo on 10 May aims to impress with...
    MAY 06, 2015
  • Vacheron Constantin, Exhibition, Capital museum of China
    Vacheron Constantin


    — “Geneva at the Heart of Time – The Origin of Swiss Watchmaking Culture” exhibition unveiled at Capital museum of China.
    APRIL 28, 2015
  • Julien Marchenoir, Directeur du Patrimoine de Vacheron Constantin
    Vacheron Constantin

    The private collection

    — WorldTempus met with Julien Marchenoir, Brand Equity and Heritage Director at Vacheron Constantin, to talk about the Geneva-based Manufacture’s private...
    APRIL 24, 2015
  • Pavillon Suisse de l’Exposition Universelle de Milan 2015
    Vacheron Constantin

    Expo Milan 2015

    — Vacheron Constantin partner to the Swiss Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015.
    APRIL 22, 2015