Ever since it was founded, Zenith has been cultivating the ability to open up new horizons by assisting with some of the most remarkable human achievements.

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  • About Zenith

    Founded in 1865 in Le Locle by 22 year-old visionary Georges Favre-Jacot, the Firm originally developed fob watches, clocks, and navigation console instruments for the navy. It soon earned recognition for the accuracy of its chronometers, for which it has won 2333 timekeeping awards in its 150 years of existence; after barely ten years, it was already employing over one thousand people.

    In 1911, Georges Favre-Jacot named the Firm – which up until then had been named after him –  ‘Manufacture Zenith'. Nine years later, having produced over two million watches, Zenith opened subsidiaries in Geneva, Moscow, Paris, Vienna and New York. 

    Renowned for its precision and the reliability of its timekeeping instruments, the manufacture later equipped the cockpit panel dials of the seaplanes of the French Fleet Air Arm as well as supplying console instruments to the Italian navy.

    After the Second World War, Zenith returned to its core business, developing new automatic movements. The birth of the El Primero caliber in 1969 – the first high-frequency automatic chronograph – made the firm famous. Zenith successfully navigated the following decades and the advent of quartz, constantly creating new calibers – including the Elite ultraflat movement. 

    As the dawn of the third millennium approached, the LVMH Group bought out Zenith, giving the Firm a fresh lease of life. At the 2002 Baselworld show, the manufacture presented four new movements and fourteen new models. 

    Manufacture Zenith boasts over 600 different types of movement. All Zenith watches still have a Zenith manufactured movement produced by the Manufacture in Le Locle.

    In 2012, parachutist Félix Baumgartner became a legend by jumping into the stratosphere and reaching a maximum reported speed of 833.9 mph – equipped with the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th chronograph. He thus joined the long list of pioneers with whom Zenith has worked. 

  • Zenith's philosophy

    Ever since it was founded, Zenith has been cultivating the ability to open up new horizons by assisting with some of the most remarkable human achievements.From Blériot to Felix Baumgartner, Zenith has made its mark on the history of aviation and space exploration. The Manufacture has played its part in history, marking the time for none other than Ghandi. It has contributed to major advances by equipping a large number of explorers on major expeditions; and these have become an integral part of the brand's heritage, influencing the spirit that drives it forward. 

    Manufacture Zenith is proud of its history and is still in the exact location where its founder built the first workshop, benefitting from its rich past as it looks to the future and fulfils its destiny. Its vocation is to be a fine watchmaking manufacture – inspired by audacity, authenticity and pleasure since 1865.

  • Zenith's 5 key dates

    1865: the Manufacture is founded
    1911: the firm is renamed Zenith
    1969: arrival of the El Primero caliber
    1994: launch of the ultraflat Élite automatic movement
    2012: Félix Baumgartner performs his space jump wearing the Zenith Stratos

  • Zenith's collections

    Academy : This collection of four timepieces demonstrates the Manufacture's fine watchmaking knowhow: the Minute repeater, Equation of Time, fusée and chain, and self-regulating gyroscopic tourbillon.

    El Primero : Based on the caliber of the same name, the El Primero collection comprises the chronographs developed using this movement with an abundance of added complications, including a split-second hand, tourbillon and perpetual calendar.

    Captain : This line of sober timepieces with round cases is a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic ‘hours, minutes and seconds' watch, with the essential watchmaking complications added: date, GMT and moon's phase.

    Pilot : This line is the watchmaking interpretation of the aviator watch, as seen by Zenith. Its three chronograph models are functional and easy to read, and boast the timekeeping accuracy on which the legend of the Manufacture has been built.

    Heritage : This collection bears witness to the firm's aesthetic creativity, with ladies' and men's watches that have stood the test of the decades.

  • Contact Zenith

    Branch of LVMH Swiss Manufactures SA
    Rue des Billodes 34
    CH-2400 Le Locle
    Tel +41 32 930 62 62

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The watch list

Featured Zenith Watches

  • Zenith - Christophe Colomb Hurricane - 18.2212.8805/36.C713 - watch face view



    Christophe Colomb Hurricane

  • Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 03.2040.4061/69.C496 - face view


    El Primero

    Chronomaster 1969

  • Zenith - Pilot - Montre d'Aéronef Type 20 GMT - 03.2430.693/21.C723



    Type 20 GMT

  • Zenith - 6150 - 03.2270.6150/01.C493 - watch face view




  • Zenith - Open - 22.1925.4062/80.C725 - watch face view




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JANUARY 29, 2016
Zenith - Elite Chronographe
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Video. WinterRaid 2016, final day

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Video. WinterRaid 2016, day 1

— Zenith is Official Timekeeper of the WinterRaid 2016. Enjoy the video of the departure and its legendary cars.
JANUARY 26, 2016
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Winter Raid

— A new challenge for Zenith, which joins WinterRaid 2016 as Official Timekeeper.
JANUARY 11, 2016
reserves de marche
Power reserves

A major gap

— From 36 hours for the ‘bare minimum’ right the way up to 50 days for the record, movements’ running time has never been quite so disparate. We cast a glance at the ranking of the currently available autonomy levels.
JANUARY 08, 2016
Watch industry outlook for 2016

Taking inspiration from the monkey

— In the Chinese calendar, 2016 is the year of the monkey. We would do well to take on some of the characteristics that the Chinese zodiac attributes to the animal.
JANUARY 04, 2016
Zenith seasons greetings video

Video. Season's Greetings

— Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.
JANUARY 01, 2016
Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium

Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium

— This COSC-certified timepiece house a El Primero movement fitted with a fusée and chain transmission system.
DECEMBER 24, 2015
Zenith Erik Comas

Video. Classic Car Italy event

— Zenith hosted an event in Milan to celebrate Erik Comas, champion of the 2015 Italian Historic Rallies.
DECEMBER 18, 2015
Zenith El Primero Tourbillon

El Primero Tourbillon

— The new El Primero Tourbillon models offer a unique combination by associating a tourbillon with a high frequency chronograph.
DECEMBER 14, 2015
Salon Belles Montres Salon de l'homme
Salon Belles Montres

The Salon de l’homme transition

— Large Maisons were somewhat thin on the ground, small independents appreciated the formula, plenty of visitors showed up… and the organisation could do with some improvement.
DECEMBER 03, 2015