Thumbnail Bell & Ross - BR01 AIRBORNE 415
Bell & Ross
BR 01 Airborne 415

Bell & Ross
BR 01 Airborne 415

  • 26000 — 32000
  • 28000 — 34000
  • 21000 — 26000
  • 18000 — 22000
  • 2770000 — 3410000
  • Bell & Ross - BR01 AIRBORNE 415
  • Bell & Ross - BR01 AIRBORNE 415

Watch Description

Watch Characteristics

Model Number
  • Limited edition of 99 watch(es)
  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions: 46 mm x 46 mm
  • Back: Solid
  • Water resistance: 100 m
  • Type: Self-winding mechanical
  • Hours, Minutes
  • Material: Rubber
  • Buckle type: Pin buckle
  • Dial

About Bell & Ross

Thumbnail Bell & Ross

For Bell & Ross, each detail has a specific meaning and function: functionality is key, and minimalism – dispensing with superfluous ornamental details in favour of essential aspects – is vital. Inspired by this spirit, these timepieces have won their place in today’s world, paying scant heed to passing fads in watchmaking. Bell & Ross watches are uncompromisingly technical and robust.

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A device designed to indicate the time. The earliest forms of clock were clepsydras, gnomons, sundials and hourglasses. The mechanical clock appeared in the early 14th century. Balance-spring clock. The regulating organ in watches is the balance and spring assembly which is also used in medium-sized clocks known as pendulum clocks or carriage clocks. The atomic clock or, more correctly, the molecular clock is a quartz clock in which the oscillation of the quartz crystal is stabilised by that of the nitrogen atom of an ammonia molecule; this latter oscillation is independent of temperature, pressure, shocks and ageing. Clocks are also named according to their style of construction, their regulating organ or their intended purpose.