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  • Cyrus - Klepcys
  • Cyrus - Klepcys
  • Thumbnail Cyrus - Klepcys
  • Thumbnail Cyrus - Klepcys
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  • Thumbnail Cyrus - Klepcys
  • Thumbnail Cyrus - Klepcys
  • Thumbnail Cyrus - Klepcys

Watch Description

The case design arouses in us the enthusiasm for CYRUS's men and their emotions as they saw the walls of Babylon in the distance. Mighty, inaccessible, proud, and characteristic among thousands. Only Babylon can resemble BABYLON. The watch sums up this notion with its design and selection of the highest quality materials. An imposing case with a diameter of 48mm (including the crowns) boasts four walls in the shape of horns with high quality finish, and encompasses the main watch mechanism. The slanting lugs for a black crocodile leather band fit the wrist perfectly. The watch with a 18-carat red gold or 18-carat grey gold case combined with Grade 5 titanium with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish is available only in a limited series. The visible screws remind one of the three-part CYRUS brand logo and represent the " locks " of the walls of BABYLON, which hide uncounted treasures waiting to be discovered.

The heart of the city – like the heart of the watch – contains a new and incredible wealth which is certain to amaze you. The mechanism provides three exceptional functions.

Imagine time as a line. The retrograde hand moves along the 180° axis and changes colour (while rotating the 180 degrees) depending on the time of day (day or night). Regardless of the hand's position, the minute and second discs are always aligned and accurate during the linear reading of time. This patented alignment is based on a one-of-a-kind mechanism which controls the speed of the (retrograde and rotating) hour, minute, and second wheels.

Now, imagine the date. The units digits (from 0 to 9) rest one on top of the other, while the tens digits change before the units digits. Once the tens digit reaches the figure 9, the figure moves in retrograde and rotates by 90 degrees. It simultaneously opens the space for the next tens digit which is placed before the units digit 0. Another true patented technological discovery.

Finally, the tribute to the renowned Tower of Babel, the building " with its top in the heavens ", should be mentioned: a full moon with realistic crater images which links the watch to the sky. The lunar phases are represented by a black patch which gradually covers the full moon. When the moon is fully covered, the three-section CYRUS brand logo becomes visible. Time eventually conquers the waning moon.


Watch Characteristics

Model Number
  • 539.002.A
  • Limited edition of 88 watch(es)
  • Material: White gold, Titanium
  • Diameter: 48 mm
  • Back: Solid
  • Water resistance: 30 m
  • Type: Self-winding mechanical
  • Power reserve: 40 hours
  • Frequency: 28 800 Alt/h
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds
  • Date, Day
  • Moonphase
  • Material: Leather
  • Buckle type: Folding buckle

About Cyrus

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Above all, Cyrus sees itself as a non-conventional firm. With a very distinctive style and a number of patented functions, the Firm is committed to proving that fine watchmaking can be innovative by getting off the beaten track, without compromising quality in the slightest.

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Unit for measuring the content of gold alloys. The pure gold content of an alloy of 1 carat is 1/24th of the weight of the alloy. An alloy of 12 and 18 carats contains 12/24ths and 18/24ths of gold respectively. Pure gold is therefore 24 carats.