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REB-7 Regulator

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Throughout horological history, mythical status has been attached to the regulator timepiece thanks to its role as a reference. Watchmakers use regulators to time the accuracy of all other clocks and watches, thanks to the separation of hours and minutes for added clarity and legibility. Railway timing, scientific and military applications: the regulator is regarded as the wholly functional, no-nonsense solution to displaying time.

In order to meet the needs of professional users in critical conditions, a regulator had to be both extremely accurate and easy-to-read, to ensure that the precise time could be ascertained quickly, without any possibility of confusion. To provide error-free readability, the displays were separated into a dominant central minutes hand and dial, with hours and seconds on their own sub-dials.

Developed to Rebellion's exacting specifications by master watchmaker Laurent Besse, the audacious REB-7's movement offers as much in the way of technical surprise as it does in the way of aggressive visual excitement. Rebellion's bold REB-7 takes the traditional regulator layout and reinvents it for the 21st century. By displaying both the minutes and seconds centrally, Rebellion has been able to include a high-legible large date indicator, while providing easy reading of the exact time.

The hours, on a sub-dial that appears to be suspended at 12 o'clock, contrast vividly with a central minute hand – the only cues that Rebellion borrowed from traditional regulator design. The rest, like everything else expected of a brash young brand, is very much its own.

The first detail that attracts attention is the complete absence of a conventional dial. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that, although there is total visual access allowing the observer to appreciate the complex movement within, there is no compromise in the ease of quickly and precisely reading the time, right down to the exact minute and second – a quality essential in a true regulator.
“Open architecture” and freedom from a conventional dial enables nearly all of the dates to be visible all of the time, while apparently floating in air. And yet the correct date manages to leap out from the encircling parade of numbers. This ingenious effect is achieved by turning the laser-cut black date ring over a black PVD movement plate, and passing it over a luminous zone under the date window at 6 o'clock.

Rebellion's timepieces are bold and racy, so it should come as no surprise to find this “attitude” present even in the back of the watch. Turn over the REB-7 Regulator, and a display back reveals a mechanical heart reminiscent of a high-performance racing car. Bright colors accent the automatic winding rotor, recalling wheels and brake disks. This is yet another privileged view for the fortunate owner of the REB-7. A little bit of a rebellion, as it was.

Référence du produit


  • Limited edition of 36 watch(es)
  • Limited edition
Boîtier du produit


  • Material : Steel
  • Diameter : 46.00mm
  • Height : 56.70mm
  • Back : Sapphire
  • Water resistance : 50m
Mouvement du produit


  • Type : Self-winding mechanical
  • Power reserve : 42h
  • Frequency : 21600 Alt/h
Cadran du produit


  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
Cadran du produit


  • Material : Rubber
  • Buckle type : Folding buckle

The brand

A passion for the ultimate in performance is what drives both Rebellion Timepieces and Rebellion Racing, two entities whose worlds are closely intertwined.

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