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The Millennium Watch Book
The Millenium Watch Book  - Divers Watches

The Millenium Watch Book Divers Watches

The Third Volume In Diving Mode

Following the success of The Millennium Watch Book (“The essentials of watchmaking since the year 2000”) published in 2020, we decided to create The Millennium Watch Book collection: each year a new book until 2030, focused on specific themes aimed at helping readers understand and know everything about contemporary watches in a given field. In 2021, the year of the 220th anniversary of the invention of the tourbillon, we published The Millennium Watch Book Tourbillons featuring 200 generously illustrated pages written by a dozen specialists on this subject, which is delighting enthusiasts as well as watchmakers of small and large brands. Our editorial committee selected the 50 tourbillon watches launched in the third millennium that should be considered in any good collection. We are repeating this exercise for the 50 most worthwhile (mechanical) diving watches on the market to be featured in our third volume.

Diver Waches

The Millenium watch Book © GMT Publishing

In 2022, it is therefore the theme of the diving watch that we address in depth in The Millennium Watch Book, with the same “entertaining” approach as the previous ones: a diversity of editorial approaches to maintain pleasurable variety; rigorous information yet without an overly intellectual approach; along with large-size photos worth admiring at length. The ideal gift for lovers of beautiful watches and books, to be ordered now at subscription prices and slated for publication at the end of October.