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Roberta Naas

Roberta Naas

For 30 years I have covered the subject of timepieces and the role that time plays in our lives.

While I have a wonderful family without whom I could never do half of what I accomplish, my life is all about time and watches.

Two years ago, I founded www.atimelyperspective.com -- an authoritative on line look at the field of luxury horology. For 30 years I have covered the subject of timepieces and the role that time plays in our lives. I was a pioneer when I started in the industry—the first woman journalist to ever cover the subject as a professional beat for a watch publication (National Jeweler). I had to break down many doors back then and prove my journalistic abilities, as well as my capabilities in understanding the technical side of time. It was an incredible effort and one that has paid off time and again in so many ways. It was more than 20 years ago that I opted to break out and start my own business as a freelance journalist – again a first in this field. For the past 20 years, I have made this my life work – writing hundreds of quality articles for top-notch newspapers and magazines, progressing into annual book writing and then authoring five books about watches. This complete roster of print and on line vehicles enables me to continue sharing the watch world with avid fans.

For me, it’s simple … life is short. With so many of my loved ones having died young and/or quickly, I realize that there are three extremely important creeds to live by. First, I believe in doing the right thing. There is no need in life to trample others to attain what you want. Kindness, integrity and honor will get you much further in the long run.. and, if not, you will always know when you look in the mirror that you did the right thing. Secondly, I believe in living each moment to its fullest, in making every second count. I know when I am taking my last breaths, I will be able to look back on so many worthwhile minutes in my life with satisfaction and the knowledge that it was one great ride –that I was there when it counted – be it with family, with friends, or even on amazing watch related trips that showed me the world. Third, remember you can’t take it with you… all those wonderful things we accumulate in life are only that – things. It is the people in life that we surround ourselves with that truly matter. My philosophy of life and time is that we will never harness either so we should enjoy both.

There are many great books in watchmaking and I personally love the following:

Jewels of Time by Roberta Naas – a strong look at women’s watches – a field so often overlooked. This coffee table book features hundreds of color photos, hundreds of quotes from watch industry people – executives, watchmakers, gemsetters, enamellers and more. It is a look at the mechanics of time, the elegance and artistic side of time and the realistic side of time. This hard cover book features exquisite photography and goes into great detail about women’s complicated watches, secret watches, technically advanced watches and more.

George Daniels: A Master Watchmaker and His Art by Michael Clerzio. Anyone in the know horologically speaking is well aware of legendary watchmaker and inventor George Daniels. Throughout his 20th century career, he worked tirelessly to construct dozens of mechanical watches using antique tools and creating every component by hand. He is the inventor of the revolutionary co-axial escapement – one of the most important advances in modern watchmaking. This book looks at Daniels’ life and includes insider conversations that Clerzio had with Daniels in his final year of life.

The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. This great work of fiction has everything to do with the meaning of time and the concept of the man who became Father Time. This fable is not just about the first man on earth to figure out how to count the hours and create the world’s first clock, but is actually about his punishment for trying to measure this gift from God. The book tracks his banishment and his recognition of the true meaning of time, which he must impart to two current-day individuals.

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