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Tiffany Cartier Millon

Tiffany Cartier Millon

Tiffany Cartier-Million is an indepdent writer based in Dubai.

I grew up at the heart of the Alps, from where I flew off to Los Angeles, Madrid and Florence to study languages and business. I had not imagined travelling to Switzerland, so what luck I had to find my first job (and my husband) there! I am familiar with the world of luxury goods and the culture of a start-up and earned my experience working alongside watch brand bosses. My responsibilities in communication and as a management consultant helped me to refine my practical vision of company life, as well as develop a robust sense of humour. Working as a freelance journalist for the past few years, I have developed a curiosity that has led me to write on a broad range of subjects for business and lifestyle publications as well as daily newspapers. I have also written two books: Le Petit Livre des Grandes Maisons Suisses and Les Savoir-Faire du Luxe. I also work on various projects in the fields of new technology and contemporary art… Having worked at the heart of the watchmaking industry, I now look at it from different angles : trends, business, personal favourites, meetings... Between Dubai and Geneva, I relish the opportunity to capture the significant moments in this diverse industry.

Entrepreneurial, creative, artisanal, innovative… I am driven by curiosity and the joy of sharing my discoveries.

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