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Unassembled part of a movement which was sold as such. The ébauche does not however include: the regulating organs, the escapement, the spring. Until around 1850, an ébauche consisted only of the bottom plate, bridges, fusee and barrel. The ébauche was known by Genevan watchmakers in the past as a blank. Until the early 19th century the ébauche was made up of two bottom plates with pillars and bridges, a barrel wheel, fusee, index, pawl and ratchet wheel, and some assembly screws. Everything was roughly filed and cut. The steel and brass parts were made in special workshops. The ébauche was then finished at the établissage. The modern ébauche is a watch movement either with or without jewels but always without its regulating parts, mainspring, dial and hands. It is also known as a "blanc roulant".