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A "forestière" is a tool consisting of a simple steel blade with several points on one of its sides, one end of which is screwed in place to the workbench. To use the tool, the blade is first positioned vertically; a drill bit is then used, driven onto the opposite end of the cutting edge, the extremity of which is fitted with a pin and a cuivrot. To drill, the cord of a bow is wound round the cuivrot, the drill bit pin is placed on one of the points of the forestière and the tip of the drill bit is placed in the point of the hole to be drilled. The hole is then drilled by moving back and forth and applying light pressure. It is a fairly lengthy process. This tool is also used for some milling operations. Since precision drilling is not always achievable with the forestière, it has been replaced for this type of work by the upright-drilling accessory.