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Maya calendar

The Mayan Sacred Calendars The Maya believed that the cosmos influenced the human spirit. Their astronomical observations and mathematical knowledge led them to develop a system of 17 highly complex calendars to chart time. They created recurring cycles based on the cosmos which engaged like the gears of a watch. The current cycle is said to have begun in 3014 BC and is due to end in 2012 of our era. The year will signal a moment of great transition and transformation.The calendars that are best known today are:- the Tzolkin or sacred calendar based on a cycle of 260 days. This cycle is well suited to us as it matches the human gestation period. It represents a new beginning, growth, maturity and birth towards a new cycle of life;- the Haab, based on a solar cycle of 365 days like our Gregorian calendar.The Tzolkin combines the numbers 1 to 13 with a sequence of 20 constantly intermingling and recurring signs known as glyphs. (A cycle of 20 days combined with a cycle of 13 days).The Haab is composed of 18 months of 20 days and one month of 5 days.Each day is named after a Tzolkin sign, plus one numeral and one Haab month. A Maya date is therefore formed as follows: 13 Chicchan (Tzolkin) 3 Uo (Haab).Instead of being linear like the Gregorian calendar, the Maya calendar forms concentric circles similar to a coil to represent constant change. It is clear that these calendars, which are based on the cosmos, are more closely connected to a spiritual dimension and to the notion of sacredness. Used as a system of divination, they serve to bring life and its various stages into step with the earth's cycle, biological cycles and celestial and galactic cycles. By following their course, we allow our sensitivity, conscience and potential to be developed.Each day is defined by a combination of numerals, Tzolkin glyphs and Haab months which recur in the same position only once every 52 years. The glyphs are the embodiment of cosmic gods who are associated with each given period and use their power to bring its influences to bear. From the website: www.astromaya.com. Our thanks for their kind permission to publish the information.From the website : www.astromaya.com.Our thanks for their kind permission to publish the information.