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Graham  - Silverstone Vintage 44

Graham Silverstone Vintage 44

The Graham Silverstone Vintage 44 pays tribute to the origin of racing, as well as to the brand's passion for tracks and beautiful mechanics.

Racing is something that you live, not just watch. It is not about racing as we call it today. It is about genuine racing. The spirit that led late 19th century brilliant engineers in to create petrol-fuelled machines and race with them. A time when the pleasure to drive was stronger than any competition. The only focus was the track, the car and the sense of a job well done.


Silverstone Vintage 44, Ref. 2SABS.W01A


In the beginning, the rules of racing were completely different from what they are nowadays : the main criterion to be able to participate was to have a vehicle with at least three wheels! Cars and mechanics were at the centre, no matter the number of wheels. Technical improvements were the priority for all. An incredible challenge at that time which was pure mechanics.


Silverstone Vintage 44, Ref. 2SABS.B05A


Powered by an automatic bi-compax chronograph, the new Silverstone collection bears the colours of a certain vintage. The Silverstone Vintage 44 is streamlined and aesthetically refined to achieve genuine aerodynamics and technology. As carefully as the cars were built, the Silverstone Vintage 44 watch has been created according to the codes of vintage racing and with respect for each part. The “Clous de Paris” decorated bezel, the thin shaped hands and the beige, brown and off-white colours have been elaborately added to the watch. They reflect the desire to preserve the race spirit and its primary values.

The brand

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the brand preserves the legacy of George Graham, developing modern timepieces that combine sophisticated techniques and atypical design.

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