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Encelade 1789

Encelade-1789 explores its family values and the conventions of Swiss haute horlogerie to offer avant-garde accessories based on the unique concept of rotation.


One unique concept: rotation.

100% family business based in Switzerland.

A clear philosophy: “To innovate, you have to break the rules.”

The story of Encelade-1789 begins with family, and an emotional connection. It’s about two cousins from a haute horlogerie background who decided that the world of men’s accessories needed a breath of fresh air. It’s about their grandfather, who believed in them and encouraged them to explore new avenues that took them off the beaten track.

And it’s also about products: the exclusive and innovative men’s accessories that the two cousins were looking for, and had given up trying to find, and eventually decided to make themselves. Their focus is a single, strong concept: rotation.

And so Encelade-1789 was born. Its name is taken from one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus in English, which was discovered in 1789, the year of the French Revolution. The name encapsulates the concepts of rotation, non-conformity and the French origins of the company’s two founders.

Add to this the family connection, Swiss manufacture, patented designs, high-tech components using the smallest ball-bearings in the world, spectacular finishing and hand assembly, and it becomes clear how Encelade-1789’s cufflinks and writing instruments are able to borrow the conventions of haute horlogerie to inspire the ultimate accessories for today’s elegant man.

Discovery of Enceladus and start of the French Revolution.
Birth of the company’s two co-founders.
Creation of family firm Encelade-1789, standard-bearer of unconventionality.
Encelade-1789 establishes itself as official supplier to unconventional types looking for exclusivity and innovation.
Launch of a revolutionary new accessory to complement the cufflinks and writing instruments.

“To innovate, you have to break the rules.”

On the strength of this philosophy, and strongly encouraged by the freewheeling and supportive family spirit, Encelade-1789 creates luxury accessories that are both innovative and exclusive. It is iconoclastic, and appeals to people whose existence is defined by emotional resonance and defiance of convention.


Encelade-1789 cufflinks

Encelade-1789 cufflinks are designed around the theme of rotation. Their haute horlogerie-inspired design and finish incorporate cutting-edge components, including the world’s smallest ball bearings.


These cufflinks are a tribute to watchmaking, incorporating a watch movement complete with bi-directional rotor.


These cufflinks with their revolving dice are inspired by precision mechanics and games of chance.


These gyroscope-inspired cufflinks perform a hypnotic ballet in three dimensions.

Rotor Skull

The Skull collection features the ultimate symbol of non-conformity, an ideal dear to the heart of Encelade-1789, which rotates 360° in both directions.

Encelade-1789 writing instruments

Encelade-1789 writing instruments are made to measure from the most exclusive materials. They feature a unique gold spinning top with five fins, which spins around the pen’s vertical axis.