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RDI Charles Kaeser - RDI Signature watch winders

RDI Charles Kaeser RDI Signature watch winders

The limited-edition Signature models from RDI Charles Kaeser offer a marquetry decoration that recalls some of the finest artistic crafts timepieces.

The mechanical watch winders produced by RDI Charles Kaeser are positioned as high-end accessories to match the quality of the luxury timepieces they are intended to accommodate. The Signature collection consists of two different models that are strictly limited in their production and individually numbered. Both feature a unique decoration by renowned Parisian artist Rose Saneuil. The Vegetal model has a marquetry of plane tree, shagreen and sycamore in bold red, black and grey hues. The Traces model use plane tree, sycamore, walnut, wenge, shagreen and Tahiti mother-of-pearl in warm brown tones.

RDI Signature watch winders

The four decorated faces are encased in a metal frame with soft-touch black columns that act as a pedestal for the watch winder. A hinged glass panel on the front can be opened to access the generously proportioned leather-covered cushion to which the watch is attached. This insert clicks in and out very simply by means of two discreet spring-loaded studs and keeps the watch firmly in place.

RDI Signature watch winders

In addition to the outwardly visible luxury, the RDI Prestige watch winders also offer some less visible added value. In addition to being almost silent, the winding motor has a system of gears for disconnecting, which allows you to insert and remove watches while the device is in operation. Furthermore, the winder offers no less than 16 different winding programmes, using a different number of rotations and directions to match the specifications of numerous different watch brands for thousands of different watch models (the RDI website has a handy search tool that allows you to check the recommendations for your watch). The programmes range from 452 clockwise revolutions per 24 hours to 1400 anti-clockwise revolutions.

RDI Signature watch winders

The RDI Prestige watch winder runs on mains electricity or two AA batteries, which will power the unit for up to 2 years in normal use. Battery operation proves more advantageous, for example, when stacking up to four watch winders from the same series on top of each other to wind up to four watches simultaneously. Because of their exclusivity, the price of the Signature watch winders is only available on request, though similar models in the Prestige collection retail from 2,900 Swiss francs. Or if the Prestige models are simply not exclusive enough, you can design your own unique watch winder together with RDI. Check out http://www.rdi-remontoirs.ch/en/watch-winder/dream-5/dream-15/ for more details.

RDI Signature watch winders


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3 June 2020
https://www.jqueenwatchwinders.com/ jqueen watch winders
Best selling watch winder . Best selection & superb service. Warranty included!
24 August 2017
Gilbert TEANI
MAGNIFIQUE remontoirs des objets d'art Bravo

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