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Count the candles… all 20 of them!

You all know that WorldTempus turns 20 this year. We were founded in 2001, and it’s been a real journey, to say the least. The watch world has changed and evolved so much over the past two decades. Over lunch with WorldTempus co-founder Jean-Claude Pittard (now retired) the other day, he shared with us that the original vision for WorldTempus was for it to be an unofficial encyclopaedia of sorts for the watch world, a vision I like to think we’ve fulfilled today.

It’s time for some numbers. In 20 years, we’ve published over 30,000 articles. We welcome over half a million passionate watch lovers every month to our site (that’s you, my dear WorldTempus family), a number that grows constantly, reassuring me that my obsession with watches is not entirely bizarre. We have nearly 25,000 watches catalogued in our Watch Finder database, which allows you to learn more about your timepieces, whether they were bought yesterday or five years ago. Close to 200 writers have left their mark on WorldTempus, some of them highly eminent names in watch journalism who have gone on to establish their own websites and audiences. 

For me, WorldTempus represents the opportunity to speak to a community that I didn’t know existed when I first began to be interested in horology. As recently as 10 years ago, I felt like my appreciation for fine watchmaking made me a bit of an odd duck — after all, who still cares about mechanical watches in the 21st century? Clearly, you do, dear reader. Over half a million of you. I found my people, here at WorldTempus. We’ll be celebrating our anniversary with a special series of articles in the following days, but first, I turn the microphone over to my fellow editorial colleagues to share what it is that WorldTempus means for them.

Sophie Furley, Editor at large

As the newest member of the editorial team, perhaps I can share my impressions of WorldTempus from the outside. Over my career, I have worked for numerous publications and written hundreds of articles, and every time I would do some research online, WorldTempus would pop up in Google in first position. Back then, it would infuriate me, now it makes me smile, especially when I see my own articles on the Google homepage! It is all thanks to our digital team who are constantly working to make our work shine.

Jordy Bellido, Editor

As the webpublishing manager and the youngest member of the WorldTempus editorial team (which is not to say that the other members are old...!), I try to channel both my energy and the energy of others, so that the flow of published articles functions as smoothly as a Swiss watch. I imagine that, among all these wise and experienced ones, I am the one who brings dynamism, with dash of youthful mischief sometimes... Suzanne likes to give me a hard time about this; but as we say in French: "la bave du crapaud n'atteint pas la blanche colombe" (a phrase signifying that one remains above base criticisms and insults). One could characterise me as the son or the little brother in the WorldTempus team (a role in which I excel since I have assumed it for 28 years in everyday life). Like a family, it's not always easy, but I know I can count on my team and vice versa. And we do all this for you, the extended WorldTempus family!

Bring out the cake and the champagne! And leave your birthday wishes in the comments below. WorldTempus is 20!

Lecture 5 Comment(s)

20 October 2021
thierry lardenois
Bon anniversaire et continuez à nous présenter de beaux objets
20 October 2021
pascal lukacs
Bravo et joyeux anniversaire ! vos articles sont très intéressants bonne continuation Lukacs
20 October 2021
Czr Letu
18 October 2021
Edith NAjjar
JOYEUX anniversaire!
18 October 2021
Pascal Barret
excellent vingtieme anniversaire a worldtempus, fier du site qui au fil du temps a su devenir la reference des passionnes de belles montres dont je fais parie depuis ma tendre enfance. tout comme vous suzanne je ne me considere maintenent plus comme une drole d'oiseau, bien au contraire...