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Editorial - How To Be Different

Editorial How To Be Different

If we really want 2021 to be a year of change, what are we doing about it?

When did women start wearing men’s watches? Probably around the same time we started wearing men’s clothes. Both things are pretty normal now, so it’s not all that interesting to me to explore any further into the whys and wherefores of it all. What I really want to know is — when is it going to be acceptable for a man to wear a women’s watch?

Because last week was LVMH Watch Week, I was able to spend some time talking with dear friends at the group. One of the biggest launches of the week was the new Zenith Chronomaster Sport 41mm, a perfect example of a watch that works well across the entire gender spectrum even though it is primarily marketed towards men. Have we seen a female-targeted watch that does the same? I’ve been told that the Zenith Defy Midnight has a small but ardent male clientele. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect gender parity in luxury watches to overtake political and social progress.

How To Be Different

Chronomaster Sport © Zenith

This month marks the 50th anniversary of universal women’s suffrage in Switzerland, as 65.7% men across the nation voted on 7 February 1971 to allow women to vote in federal elections. As a feminist, I should be appalled by how long it took for a developed nation to give half of its population the right to vote (in comparison to New Zealand, the first country to grant women the right to vote, in 1893) and by the fact that over a third of the male voting population in Switzerland were opposed to it. Here’s the kicker — cantonal elections were not covered by the 1971 decision, and the last canton to allow women to vote at the cantonal level (Appenzell Innerrhoden) only did so in 1991.

In other words, it’s only been 20 years since all women in Switzerland were allowed to vote at all levels of government. However, if there’s one thing that a global health pandemic has taught us, it’s that no step in the right direction is too small to celebrate. Every gain is important; every positive change is precious. So, as you all know, February is also the month in which we celebrate St Valentine’s Day. No doubt you’ll be inundated with articles telling you which glittery diamond-set watches you should be buying for your lady, which carbon-fibre encased sports chronograph you should be buying for your man. But not here, not on WorldTempus. Because if 2021 is really going to be a year of change, then we need to start now. We have to be different in order to make a difference.

How To Be Different

Stirrup Mini Acier © Ralph Lauren

We’re giving away a watch this month, as we do every month, and it’s the supremely elegant Ralph Lauren Stirrup Mini in steel. Anyone else would tell you this is a ladies’ watch. You know what I want to see? I want to see as many men participating in this giveaway as women. Come on, WorldTempus family. Be different. I know you can do it.


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