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Editorial - The Gift of Time

Editorial The Gift of Time

Take a few moments to think about how you can improve your gift-giving this Mother’s Day…

This is a public service announcement. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. That is to say, it’s Mother’s Day for the hundred or so countries that observe this celebration on the second Sunday of May. Other dates are celebrated as Mother’s Day, such as the last Sunday of May, if you happen to be in France or a number of its ex-territories. 

If you’re from a country that celebrates Mother’s Day before May 8, I have to admit that this article isn’t going to be of any immediate help to you — although it might come in handy for next year’s event. For the rest of you, especially if you’re thinking about getting a watch as a Mother’s Day gift, listen up.

The Gift of Time

Constellation 28mm © Omega

Whatever you’re thinking of getting for your mother, I urge you to reconsider. Because it’s a fact that we tend to go all pink and frilly and pastel carnations on Mother’s Day, as if mothers were soft and delicate creatures who would vibe with that sort of aesthetic. In all my observations of mothers, whether my own or someone else’s, I have never witnessed them being into any of that kind of stuff. Instant reaction to pastel or light-coloured stuff: that’ll stain easily and be hard to clean. Regarding the carnations: That won’t last half a day in a house full of kids. 

As for chocolates and candy, they’re nice, but I also think there are better ways to express your sweet affection for your mother. I know that in my case, any chocolates I gift to my mother will end up being eaten by my dad anyway.

Mothers are pragmatic and mothers are tough. Let’s start celebrating that side of maternal femininity more, starting right now, with gifts that they’ll actually find useful and reliable — in other words, gifts that will actually help them instead of being just another thing to look after.

The Gift of Time

Royal Oak 34mm, Black Ceramic © Audemars Piguet

If you have a stay-at-home mother, who spends her days doing stuff around the house, she’ll want something water-resistant, that won’t be damaged by the occasional contact with household chemicals, and that won’t catch on her clothes or get in the way while she’s busy. All this points to a sleek sports watch in high-tech ceramic, and depending on the actual personality of your mother, you might either choose something assertive like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 34mm in black ceramic or — another favourite with the ladies — the shapely Chanel J12.

The Gift of Time

J12 White & Black © Chanel

Working mothers have to stay on their toes to address both professional and domestic challenges. Every moment counts with them, so let’s not waste time with watches that don’t have a seconds indication or with watches that can’t match the versatility needed in the life of a working mother. You’ll want something two-tone, that can be worn at a range of occasions. Precision is important too, so why not look at something like the freshly-launched Zenith Chronomaster Sport in steel and gold (that automatic 5Hz movement is always a winner) or a classic Omega Constellation (the new models come in a combination of steel, gold and ceramic) with its high-performance Co-Axial escapement?

The Gift of Time

Chronomaster Sport, Steel & Gold © Zenith

One last appeal on behalf of mothers with grown-up children — please don’t get them timepieces they can hardly read. These are women who have raised families and run households, and they are probably getting on in years. They deserve watches that don’t fatigue their eyes. Something with a large display, whether it’s a smartwatch (the new Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up Connected Watch is particularly chic) or the Patek Philippe Ladies’ Pilot Calatrava Travel Time will do nicely. And speaking of the latter watch, if you have the means to do so (and you clearly do, if you’re gifting your mother Patek Philippe watches), get her an airline ticket along with it — somewhere nice and relaxing that you know she likes. 

The Gift of Time

Tambour Light Up © Louis Vuitton

Here’s to mothers! And let us always remember that the one thing a million times better than giving your mother a timepiece is giving her your time.

The Gift of Time

Calatrava Pilot Travel Time © Patek Philippe

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