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Editorial - Welcome To 2022

Editorial Welcome To 2022

Starting the year with a bang…

Here we are, my dear WorldTempus family — we’ve made it through another tumultuous 12 months and we find ourselves on the other side of a new calendar year! I hope you’ve all had the restful holiday you wanted and spent quality time (not too much; just enough) with loved ones. It’s time to return to the welcoming arms of your horological family. We’ll always be here when you’ve had enough of your actual blood relations. 

A couple of weeks ago I spoke about the joy of unexpected (belated) gifts, and that was for a reason. Christmas is more than a week behind us, and every delightful present — from books you’ll never read, to kitchen implements you’ll never use, to hand-knitted sweaters you’ll never wear — has been packed away, ready to be re-gifted at the first available opportunity. (My mother bought me a jewellery case. I don’t wear jewellery.) But we have a little belated Christmas surprise for you, and I can already guarantee that you’ll want to hang on to this one.  

Being pathologically optimistic over here in the WorldTempus office, we think it’s going to be a red-hot year, and just to prove that we’re prepared to back our words up with real action, the very first watch we’re giving away in 2022, courtesy of the generous folks at RALF TECH, is the WRB Automatic Volcano. Its lava-red dial promises some explosively fun times ahead, but despite its fiery aesthetic, the watch is actually built for aquatic activities, with a rotating dive bezel and a water resistance of 200m. 

Interesting fact about the colour red when going diving — it quickly becomes invisible once you start going any deeper than 5m underwater. Red things look red to us because they reflect the red wavelengths in ambient light and absorb all other wavelengths. When underwater, because red light has the longest wavelength and the least energy in the visible spectrum, it is rapidly absorbed by the surrounding water. The deeper you go, the less red light there is, and red things start to lose their visible redness, appearing more and more black. 

The RALF TECH WRB Automatic Volcano is therefore a completely different watch depending on whether you’re in or out of water. On land, it’s an eye-catching, bright-dialed sports watch whose 39mm steel case sits comfortably on the wrist. In the depths of the ocean, it’s stealthy and robust, a reliable chronometric companion.  

Here’s wishing you the same energy in 2022 — may you be all-terrain, all-weather, quick to adapt and ready for anything! 


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8 January 2022
christian Anzile
Je souhaite une excellente année a toute l’équipe.
8 January 2022
Hello World Tempus, I am a longtime fan. I just wanted to take a second (no pun intended) to say Happy New year and to Thank You for the wealth of knowledge you so freely share and, of course, for all of the Fun. I have learned so much about the timekeeping industry from its fascinating origins to the everchanging groundbreaking technological advances. Your promotions are beyond generous and by making education part of the submission process, well, that is pure genius and honestly fun. Thank you and may time always be on your side.

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In 1996, professional diver Frank Huyghe created the RALF TECH brand: diving suits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, masks, etc. In 2003, on the strength of his personal experience, he designed a watch that could withstand the enormous pressures of the ocean depths and beat the World Record of deep diving. This was the RALF TECH WR1.

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