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Longines - White Turf: Galloping on the Snow

Longines White Turf: Galloping on the Snow

WorldTempus was up in the Swiss mountains recently to experience the fun of horse racing on ice

Enjoying all the fun that winter has to offer, WorldTempus put on its moon boots and headed to St. Moritz, Switzerland, for some adrenalin-pumping equestrian activities with Longines, the Official Timekeeper and Watch of the White Turf equestrian event since 2015. The event took place on a frozen lake in the resort of Graubünden and consisted of different kinds of racing, ranging from ski jöring (where the jockey, on skis, is pulled along by a horse), flat racing (jockey on a horse, as you would expect), and trotting (jockey sitting on a cart behind the horse).

White Turf : au galop sur la neige

Flat race © swiss-image.ch/Andy Mettler

White Turf : au galop sur la neige

Skijöring © swiss-image.ch/Andy Mettler

Although, predominantly a man’s sport, equestrian racing has a handful of women, including Sybille Vogt, who won the flat “The Grand Prix Longines” race on February 13th 2022. This is what she had to say: “The world of jockeys is a man’s world, but there are a few women in it. I don’t feel the macho side so much, at least not directly towards me, because I have been in this sport for a while now. However, some women do feel it,” she admitted. Even though there may be some macho behaviour, she doesn’t feel prejudiced in the practice of her sport. “Women are not at a disadvantage,” she continues. “Because horse racing doesn’t only require strength; you also have to have a certain sensitivity and be able to create a bond with your horse. Women are more skilled in this area, which gives them an advantage,” she noted. 

White Turf : au galop sur la neige

Trotting © swiss-image.ch/Andy Mettler

When we talk “races”, we are also talking about “bets”! Unfortunately, WorldTempus didn’t have the foresight to bet on Sybille, but for next year’s edition we certainly will! In the meantime, join us as we relive the White Turf 2023 in pictures.


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