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Bianchet - Grigor Dimitrov becomes ambassador and partner of Bianchet

Bianchet Grigor Dimitrov becomes ambassador and partner of Bianchet

The tennis player joins Bianchet as global ambassador, but also, as a partner

For a globally acclaimed tennis player, one would start the presentation with his ranking, his results, his main feats on clay or grass. This will not be the case with Grigor Dimitrov.

First, because he doesn't have much to prove. The 32-year-old Bulgarian player, former World n.3, has been a professional for just 15 years, entering the pro circuit in 2008. Since then, his results have confirmed his global stature day after day. But that is not the main thing. Grigor Dimitrov has something unique, something very much of his own: a rare sense of style and elegance. On the court? Yes, but not only.

Grigor is a lover of refined objects, jewelries, watches, art, beautiful cars, and fine fabrics. He has even walked the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana. In a word: an aesthete. Throughout his career, Grigor Dimitrov has distinguished himself as much by his elegance on the court, his courtesy and benevolence , as by the power of his effortless game and perfectly executed movements.

That’s why, when Grigor Dimitrov talks about his love for craftsmanship and design, all eyes turn to his wrist. It is implied that his watch will be more than just robust. It is a Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork in Titanium-Dust-Carbon, a limited-edition model of the independent Swiss watchmaking company, presented during Watches and Wonders in Geneva.

Grigor Dimitrov becomes ambassador and partner of Bianchet

Grigor Dimitrov and the Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork Carbon © Bianchet

The tennis player and his timepiece are above all a matter of taste, elegance, elective and personal affinity. An enlightened affinity: many do not know it, but Grigor Dimitrov has been a watch collector since his adolescence. Regularly courted by the greatest brands because of his elegance as well as his profound knowledge of watchmaking, the play er chose Bianchet for very specific reasons: "What drove me to join Bianchet as a partner and brand ambassador was the intrinsic beauty of their watches, which can be appreciated in every detail, a s well as their exquisite craftsmanship. Each of their timepieces is a true work of art and I’m excited to be a part of the brand’s journey”.

This journey is much more than a product partnership. It is the meeting of a state of mind, of a shared love, of a certain look at what is right, beautiful, and essential. These are all reasons why Grigor Dimitrov not only wears his Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork but is associated with the brand personally, as a partner of the firm.

"We are honored to have Grigor on board," confirm Emmanuelle and Rodolfo Festa Bianchet, founders of Bianchet. "His passion for fine watchmaking, his sense of style and elegance, and his dedication to excellence are a natural choice for our brand. We are thrilled to work with him to create ever more exceptional watches that reflect Bianchet's uncompromising quest for beauty and style."

His watch: Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork Carbon

Entirely designed according to the proportions of the Golden Number that gives it its name, the Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork perpetuates the art of contemporary watch making, by marrying peerless Haute Horlogerie techniques, high-tech materials, and thousand-year-old design principles. The carbon of the case, known as Titanium-Dust-Carbon, is a highly resistant composite material made from carbon fibers injected with titanium powder, for a more luminous, more precious look, offering unexpected reflections and unique patterns.

Grigor Dimitrov becomes ambassador and partner of Bianchet

Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork Carbon © Bianchet

The layout of its titanium tourbillon movement is also based on the famous works of Leonardo Fibonacci and on the Golden Number. Tourbillon, barrel, bridges, and gear train are ordered according to its fixed ratio which, since Antiquity, has given the right mea sure of the beaut y of the universe. This remarkable design is coupled with an Italian-aesthetic audacity, embodied by the pure sensual lines and color details, such as the red rubber seams of the case, a distinctive signature of the brand.

Perfectly proportioned, the Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork brings together precision and power, mastery and intensity - all qualities that are the source of Grigor Dimitrov's singular game. Both the player and his watch will also share a rare endurance, with the latter providing 105 hours of power reserve. Enough to last a few sets, and even a few days of matches, since Grigor Dimitrov wears his Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork on the court, the piece being natively designed to resist shocks of up to 6000G.


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Bianchet, a young, 100% independent watch brand, designs and develops its own meticulously modern watches that place the tourbillon at the centre of an openworked architecture with lines inspired by the golden ratio.

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