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Mauron Musy - Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Mauron Musy Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Christophe Musy, co-founder and CEO of Mauron Musy, has been driving the brand's evolution since its founding in 2013

Guided by his passion for mechanics, Christophe Musy started his career as a precision mechanic before continuing in construction (mechanical developments) and project management. Together with Eric Mauron, he created Mauron Musy in 2013.

Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Christophe Musy © Mauron Musy

What first made you interested in the watchmaking business?
I did all my studies in mechanics; I've always worked in this domain. For me, the watch has always been the mechanic's holy grail, because of its mechanical complexity, the approach towards a perpetual heartbeat. There is no external input, except the energy of the wrist which makes this watch run continuously. That's what got me into the business. There was one day, at a time when I wasn't in watchmaking at all, that I wanted to make watches for my family. It happened a bit by chance — but I've always been passionate about Swiss watchmaking and the mechanical complexity of a watch.

Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Mµ03-101 © Mauron Musy

What unique quality do you think you bring to your brand?
As a founding member, I would say that one of the qualities (even if it's not the one I'm going to choose, but I'm telling you anyway) is what you bring to the origins of thr brand — which is to say the values that I was brought up with. 

From an operational point of view, I would say my versatility, because from the creation of the brand, I was able to make the designs, to do all the construction and all the drawings related to the making of a watch. I have a significant knowledge of manufacturing, since I am basically a polymechanic, so I can both machine the parts and finish them. It is clear that this great technical and technological knowledge allows me to develop a product from A to Z. It is also clear that I did the assembly and I also manage everything related to administration. So there's a real versatility behind it. There are two of us managing the product marketing as well. We're a very small team of four people, but we're able to do everything from start to finish. My quality is in the versatility I bring to Mauron Musy.

Tell us about an experience that defines your leadership style.
I would say it was my first experience ever related to Mauron Musy: I was able to convince my father-in-law, Eric Mauron, to join me and create this brand. I think that's the example I would have in mind when speaking of leadership. It's certainly the first example I had to set.

Which watch do you wear most often, and why?
A Mµ 03 model with a rather sober black dial, as it represents all the brand's know-how: water-resistance to a depth of 300 metres, 100% Swiss manufacture, duality thanks to a sporty and classic watch design.

Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Mµ03-212 © Mauron Musy

What have you achieved as CEO that you are most proud of?
Three examples come to mind:

1) The unique sealing technology that Eric Mauron and I have developed : a sealing technology without seals

2) The fact that we are Swiss crafted, with 100% Swiss values and ethics.

3) The association with the Red Cross, which shows that our work goes beyond the watchmaking industry.

However, the meeting of our 110 ambassadors is really the event of which I am most proud, because the energy required to bring together so many people, including the President of the Confederation, was completely crazy.


Ten Minutes With Christophe Musy: Discover The Man Behind Mauron Musy

Henry Dunant Mµ03-111 © Mauron Musy

What is the biggest misconception that people have about Mauron Musy?
People think that Mauron Musy has a production of 10,000 watches per year, whereas our production objective is far closer to 500.

On the other hand, what is one thing about Mauron Musy that is not well known, but super important, in your view?
Our Swiss-crafted status, clearly. It's true that people still believe in the Swiss-made designation and they don't understand why we don't indicate "Swiss made" on our watches. The Swiss-made threshold of having 60% of your components from Switzerland is not enough for us; we want our watches to be 100% Swiss: our components are made within a radius of 50 kilometres from Saint-Aubin.

Give us a one-word (or one-phrase) hint about your future plans for the brand.
The number 3 corresponds to the number of projects underway at Mauron Musy, but if I had to choose a word, I'd say "skeleton".


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Mauron Musy is an independent and family-owned brand established in Switzerland’s Broye Valley, with a DNA steeped in industrial design and mechanical technology. With its philosophy based on both watch exterior complications and Swiss craftsmanship, it stands out for its invention of the first mechanical direct-seal gasket-free water-tightness technology mechanical sealing system.

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