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Watchlock® - The patented tamper-proof folding clasp

Watchlock® The patented tamper-proof folding clasp

The creators of Watchlock® have just presented the first truly secure folding clasp, making it possible to protect one’s watch against theft or accidental loss

This innovative and customizable feature easily adapts to luxury watch straps, securing your precious time-piece. It is equipped with the first micro-locking system featuring a built-in key: when inserted, it acts as a pusher enabling the clasp and bracelet to be used in a conventional way. Pulled out by means of the ingenious accessory provided for this purpose, it fastens the micro-lock and instantly secures the folding clasp. The owner can therefore wear their watch serenely, even on a terrace and in short sleeves, without fear of provoking untimely greed (theft by trickery has become more commonplace in recent years). The same is true when traveling, or when engaging in sports and activities that cause shocks or jolts, sometimes leading to the watch coming unlatched or slipping off the wrist, which may go unnoticed at the time, or too late when it falls to the bottom of the water.

The patented tamper-proof folding clasp

© Watchlock®

Innovation and security

Watchlock® was developed by the Franco-Swiss company Orkos®, which specializes in watch safety accessories. The rapidly expanding company was founded by the entrepreneur Sébastien Buonomo and Bruno Herbet, a watch design engineer from the Vallée de Joux who has gained solid experience with the finest watch brands. Above and beyond the eminently useful and playful idea it embodies, the protective tool epitomizes the same values as haute horlogerie, combining aesthetics, exclusivity, innovation, accuracy and sturdiness. It is accompanied by a practical device: while the key can be manually withdrawn, a small, novel accessory that would probably appeal to James Bond also ensures its secure retrieval and storage. It is moreover equipped with a screwdriver serving to dismantle the clasp in case of a strap change. The Swiss made innovation will be distributed through an exclusive network of retailers as well as on the Orkos® website. Some high-end watch brands are also holding discussions to secure their clasps with the Watchlock® system and thereby reassure their customers. Himself a victim of such theft, the initiator of this clever concept aims to safeguard all wearers of valuable watches as well as the strong emotional bond between them and their timepiece. Watchlock® is the ideal gift for all devotees of fine watchmaking, who wish to keep their treasure and one day be able to pass it on.