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A Chef's take on time  - David Sinapian, President of Les Grandes Tables du Monde

A Chef's take on time David Sinapian, President of Les Grandes Tables du Monde

Interview with the President of Les Grandes Tables du Monde David Sinapian

Founded in 1954, the association known by its French name, Les Grandes Tables du Monde, encompasses the world’s 179 best restaurants, which will be offering their customers the GMT XXL World magazine from fall 2021. David Sinapian is a dynamic, unifying and innovative key figure in the world of gastronomy. He is the modern ambassador of a grand vision of global cuisine and has been chairing the association since 2014.

You're a man of action; is time the most precious ingredient in haute cuisine?
This is a central issue. Time is indeed precious and it must be chosen rather than endured. Time is the major component of a successful gourmet experience. Within a brief and controlled time period, where every moment counts, we must ensure that our guests have the best possible experience; we must invite them on a journey while remaining seated. Our restaurateurs and chefs are definitely the Masters of time, to the delight of all their guests.

It takes energy and passion to follow all these restaurants and guide them into the future. What's your secret?
Right from the start, our objective has been to place the restaurateur firmly center-stage, to allow all the restaurant's professions to work together in symbiosis by focusing on the customer experience. The restaurant owner also has the key role of being a facilitator and perpetually innovating by improving the synergies inherent to his establishment. It is of course necessary to communicate, exchange and unify the teams, and that is also part of our role. Within the association, we reflect, we grow, we improve together; this is the strength and the DNA of our community, our way of envisaging the future.

David Sinapian, President of Les Grandes Tables du Monde

Calavatra white gold © Patek Philippe

Gastronomy and its chefs are front-line advocates for the wellbeing of the planet and heightened flavors: is there a new trend?
We are currently witnessing ever-growing awareness of the environment and chefs are at the center of this ecosystem. Depending on the infrastructure of the establishment and undoubtedly on its location, we must promote the terroir, the territory, the sea, the countryside through short supply chains by developing an ultralocal approach. This is not a single battle but a number of different battles for our collective future. Restaurateurs have an undeniable, unavoidable role and a responsibility that must be addressed in an exemplary manner. We have also created a think tank within our association which proposes initiatives, communicates regarding its members’ innovative ideas and seeks to improve the local mission. We encourage exchanges in order to share or improve the thought processes of our members with regard to this vast theme.

What’s your favorite watch for ensuring you’re always on on time?
I am lucky enough to have several watches, I change them according to my mood. At the moment I am wearing a Dandy from Chaumet. I appreciate its understatement, its discreet elegance, its pure lines and the readability of its dial.

David Sinapian, President of Les Grandes Tables du Monde

Luminor © Panerai

And the model of your dreams?
That’s a tough question, as I must admit that I have several models in mind. I really appreciate timepieces from Patek Philippe and in particular the white gold Calatrava model. I like its pure, classic, very elegant nature that is all about pared-down refinement. In another more casual chic style characterized by sophisticated design and simplicity, I am also drawn to the Luminor model from Panerai.

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