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WorldTempus Team Test
Bovet 1822 - WorldTempus Team Test – Bovet

Bovet 1822 WorldTempus Team Test – Bovet

Why write one watch review, when you can pass a timepiece around the whole office?

We never stop passing watches around the WorldTempus office, what with our team of journalists, photographers, and social media experts, everyone always wants a look and a photo! We almost always end up in the WorldTempus kitchen comparing notes, so we thought why not share them with you? For this first review, our team of experts got their hands on the Bovet Récital 23 for a week of fun and sparkle. 

Suzanne Wong

It’s the details that really stand out in this watch, like the asymmetrical profile of the case and tilted orientation of the movement that means the dial is subtly angled towards the wearer, even when it’s worn completely flat against the wrist. It’s the hour and minute hands that form a heart when they meet, a flash of passion against the dark blue aventurine dial, like a kiss under starry skies. It’s the exposed double-moon display, layered on a hemispherical disc laser-etched to resemble the surface of the moon. It’s the dedication to whimsy and artisanal values, embodied by the phrase “Swiss Handcrafted” at the bottom of the dial, replacing the more familiar (and prosaic) “Swiss Made” designation. Most of all, it’s the commitment to precision, which asserts itself in the 122-year ultra-accurate moon phase, that truly makes the Bovet Récital 23 a stunning piece of fine watchmaking.

Test de l'équipe WorldTempus

Bovet Récital 23  © Worldtempus / Suzanne Wong

Brice Lechevalier

I love this new section that allows us to test a new watch every week for a day! What a surprise to see that this Recital 23 from Bovet, which is normally dedicated to the ladies, is the perfect accessory for my gentleman’s formal dinner outfit. Indeed, I was invited that evening to discover a culinary experience at the Peruvian restaurant Yakumanka, where the new Chef Daniel Galvez Estrada is now working. Located within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva, the establishment had extended this generous invitation to a companion, so I invited Yohann, a friend and member of the Fine Watch Club. Very comfortable on the wrist, the precious watch was very well adapted for my bicycle ride to the 5-star hotel. Yohann is more of a collector of the more virile kind of watches (like IWC or Ulysse Nardin) and loves big cars, but he immediately noticed my Bovet with an admiring stare, without immediately recognizing its feminine character. Its design, all in relief, and contrasts seduce from afar! I would gladly get used to these curves. T Recital 23 deliciously accompanied this dinner with all the exotic and refined flavors from the Yakumanka kitchen.

Test de l'équipe WorldTempus

Bovet Récital 23 © Worldtempus / Brice Lechevalier

Marie de Pimodan

Just putting the timepiece on my wrist and my day was already looking brighter! What first caught my eye was the glittering surface of its blue aventurine glass dial and the hands that form a heart when they meet. But I was also immediately seduced by its comfort. The dimensions of its 43mm oval case could seem quite imposing in theory. But in reality, the watch dresses the wrist to perfection, all thanks to the rounded curves of its lugs and soft lines. As for the asymmetrical profile of the writing case design of the Recital 23, it is a success in terms of design. Its silhouette thickens slightly at 12 o’clock, allowing Bovet to include a three-dimensional moon phase. The watch is also thin enough to slide discreetly under the sleeve of my sweater and accompany me in all my activities of the day – at the office under the admiring stares of my colleagues as well as out in the open with my faithful four-legged companion!

WorldTempus Team Test

Bovet Récital 23 © Worldtempus / Marie de Pimodan

Jordy Bellido

The first thing that struck me about the Recital 23 was the oval shape of its sapphire crystal. When I started to try and take pictures of the timepiece, it was really difficult due to all the different reflections. From one angle, this domed shape reminded me of an astronaut’s helmet. My mind started wandering off towards the stars, especially when contemplating the aventurine dial, the three-dimensional moon, shooting star, and white gold case that recalls the brilliance of the stars. It was no easy task coming down to Earth! Even the midnight blue leather strap took me up into the galaxy. 
So as you can see, this is a timepiece that makes sense. It evokes the conquest of space in a refined and sophisticated way. One last thing: it is a women’s watch, but if ever there was a reason to change the gender codes, this watch could well be it!

WorldTempus Team Test

Bovet Récital 23 © Worldtempus /Jordy Bellido

Sophie Furley

The Bovet Récital 23 is a gorgeous looking timepiece, as my colleagues have mentioned above. But there is something else about this timepiece that really ticks the box for me and that is how comfortable it is. I have the teeniest tiniest wrists and larger-sized watches always feel bulky and uncomfortable on my wrist. The Récital 23 is quite a large watch at 43mm high by 28.7mm wide, but thanks to its oval-shaped case and unusual writing slope case, it just seems to hug the wrist. This is the first time that Bovet has used its writing slope case for a feminine model, and it works perfectly. The funny thing is that on the wrist, you don’t really notice the angle, but you certainly perceive it in the comfort and ease with which you can read the time. It is a timepiece that you really need to try on, so here’s a list of Bovet’s worldwide network so you can find your nearest boutique

WorldTempus Team Test

Bovet Récital 23 © Worldtempus / Sophie Furley


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