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Charles Girardier - 1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock

Charles Girardier 1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock

« Fusion Enamel » - Timepiece of Art Flying Tourbillon & Rotating Mysterious Signature Unique Piece for Only Watch

Charles Girardier participates to the charitable Only Watch 2021 to be held November 6, 2021. The proceeds of this auction go towards the research on therapies against the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This initiative is being managed by the “Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies AMM”.Charles Girardier will contribute to this auction by donating a timepiece of Art made on purpose for this noble cause.

1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock

1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock © Charles Girardier

Only Watch 2021

The “1809” Charles Girardier Tribute to Jackson Pollock”- Only Watch 41 mm is the perfect opportunity for Charles Girardier 1780 to also demonstrate the strong and deep belief that in life, it is also important to help others and give. And this strong value is truly part of Charles Girardier DNA.

Why 1809 ? because in 1809 Charles Girardier became a Master Watchmaker. And because a 8 shape, symbol for eternity, infinity and wealth, is recognizable on the dial, which assembles the various complication of the watch : eternal Grand feu enamel dial, Rotating Mysterious Signature, Flying tourbillon.

1809 Hommage à Jackson Pollock

1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock © Charles Girardier

Inspired by Charles Girardier's legacy of playful mechanical complications:

The « 1809 » Tribute to Jackson Pollock, features a triple innovation

• Flying Tourbillon with a unique Peripheral Rotor : single ball bearing ultra-silent ! • Rotating Mysterious Signature : a Charles Girardier 1780 playful unique patent

• Fusion Enamel : a patented secret ! This mechanical triple ballet is enhanced by an impactful hand-made "Fusion Enamel", dial a unique craftsmanship literally merging into pure contemporary Art. Almost 6 days only to create this “Only Watch” dial…

• At 6 o'clock, a one-minute flying tourbillon enhanced by a set tourbillon cage, with a unique Peripheral Rotor with an ultra-silent single ball bearing!

• At 12 o'clock, the playful, poetic and animated "Rotating Mysterious Signature" features the Charles Girardier Monogram with an interlaced C and G moving when you read the time, following the movement of your wrist. The energy required for this ballet is provided by an oscillating weight dedicated to this complication and hidden under the dial: a Charles Girardier Patent.

Our exclusive one-of-kind automatic Flying Tourbillon movement captures the energy with up to 46 hours power reserve.

The movements of life and creativity encapsulated in a unique zero-gravity timekeeper…

1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock

1809 Tribute to Jackson Pollock © Charles Girardier

Last but not least, Charles Girardier offers to the highest bidder the personalization of the “Rotating Mysterious Signature” with his own Initials or lucky number! A unique watch for Only Watch and fully personalized!


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Having lain dormant for almost two centuries, the Charles Girardier name is back in the horological spotlight with men's and women's timepieces that are imaginative, playful but most of all entirely independent and proud of their Geneva origins.

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