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Mathey-Tissot - It's Time to get Colourful at Mathey-Tissot

Mathey-Tissot It's Time to get Colourful at Mathey-Tissot

A new collection of three radiant timepieces catches our eye this week

Mathey-Tissot returns to an old collection of timepieces called Mergulhador, a rather lovely word that means “diver” in Portuguese. With the release of three new timepieces in blue, green, and orange, the brand has found inspiration in one of its old diving collections that was extremely successful for the brand back in the 1970s. 

Place à la couleur chez Mathey-Tissot

Mergulhador © Mathey-Tissot

How to Track your Dive Time on the Mergulhador

Housed in 41mm (diameter) x 9mm (thick) stainless steel cases, these timepieces come with a uni-directional bezel with markings to aid divers to keep track of how long they have been under the water. How it works is that you turn the bezel so that the white triangle aligns with the minute hand when you enter the water, so that when you look at the minute hand again during the dive, you can read how many minutes you have been in the water, directly on the bezel. In the photographs here, the diver has been in the water for 10 minutes, for example. 

Place à la couleur chez Mathey-Tissot

Mergulhador © Mathey-Tissot

Diving Details

Other diving details include chunky white luminescent hands and indexes that stand out against the bright blue, green, and orange dials and glow in low light, which is essential when diving as the light diminishes the deeper you go. There is also a screw-in crown which ensures a water resistance of 200 metres, so these watches can follow any recreational diver. As a point of reference, the industry standard depth limit for a recreational diver is 39 metres, so 200 metres is more than enough. 

Each timepiece comes with a sapphire crystal for the clearest reading of the time and an exhibition caseback that offers a window on the Sellita SW200 automatic movement that indicates the hours, minutes, and date. 

Smoky Dials in Blue, Green, or Orange

Place à la couleur chez Mathey-Tissot

Mergulhador © Mathey-Tissot

But let’s return to these dials for a moment as they are the first thing that catches the eye. Like with the original 1970s Mergulhador timepiece, these new wristwatches feature a “smoked” technique on the dial with each colour getting darker around the periphery of the dial. This not only gives the watch a slightly vintage vibe, but also helps create more contrast around the outside of the dial for better reading of the time. There are also orange/red accents for the five-minute markers and the second hand, creating a nice colour distinction, and again, helping with legibility.

Place à la couleur chez Mathey-Tissot

Mergulhador ©Mathey-Tissot

The timepieces come with a black strap which is available with large holes, much like those seen on vintage leather driving gloves, if you like that oldtimer diving look, or with smaller perforations against a sort of carbon-fibre pattern for a more high-tech aesthetic. The watches are also available on an elegant five-link stainless steel bracelet. 

Whether you are a serious scuba diver, or just enjoy the look of this sporty model, this timepiece has plenty to offer especially when you consider its price at just CHF 1,350.  


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