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Purnell - Watchmaking prowess  puts on a show

Purnell Watchmaking prowess puts on a show

Focus on the Escape II WPM Summer Edition and Escape II Absolute Sapphire

When Purnell entered the watchmaking scene in 2020, the brand left no doubt as to its philosophy. Its motto: “More future than past”. Its message: creative watchmaking based on a subtle blend of culture and future. Inspired by performance and precision, Purnell has been producing its daring mechanical feats for just over a year and aficionados can now view them in its new showroom on the Rue du Rhône in Geneva, starting with its now-famous Spherion, the world’s fastest triple-axis tourbillon.

Developed with tourbillon watchmaker Éric Coudray, whose work in this field was awarded the prestigious Gaïa Prize in 2012, the Spherion features three cages respectively turning in 8, 16 and 30 seconds, guaranteeing increased precision and providing a captivating sight on the wrist!

Watchmaking prowess  puts on a show

Maurizio Mazzocchi © Purnell

Absolute Transparency

In light of the 220th anniversary of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s invention, Purnell is offering a new field of expression to this sovereign complication with the impressive Escape II Absolute Sapphire, the world’s first double triple-axis tourbillon housed in a case entirely carved from sapphire. To ensure absolute transparency, the three bridges of the movement and the dial are also made of this material that is as hard as it is scratchproof – except with a diamond. Given the complexity of machining sapphire, the production of such a work is a genuine tour de force. To achieve this, Purnell called on its Swiss partner Novo Cristal, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, to sculpt the three blocks of raw sapphire used for the case and the movement after a 150-hour machining and polishing process. According to Purnell’s CEO, Maurizio Mazzocchi, “the sapphire enhances the weightlessness of the caliber and the mesmerizing nature of the Spherion.” This effect is enhanced by the fact that the outer cages of the two tourbillons are each adorned with a delicate setting of 152 brilliant-cut diamonds, a dazzling display for these ingenious mechanisms that turn in opposite directions thanks to a differential system. Mazzocchi added: “A collection of one-of-a-kind models with tinted sapphires in different colors – such as pink, green and blue – will follow later this year.”

Watchmaking prowess  puts on a show

48mm Escape II WPM Summer Edition © Purnell

Meanwhile, the technical prowess of the Double Spherion is showcased in the new 48mm Escape II WPM SummerEdition. The spectacular mechanism displays all its visual power framed by the exclusive WPM (White Purnell Microfiber) case material and pink sapphires on the sapphire dial. The chic and sophisticated aesthetic with its pleasing contrasts is designed to be worn all summer long… and well beyond if the feeling is right.

Watchmaking prowess  puts on a show

Escape II Absolute Sapphire © Purnell


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Inspired by performance, precision and mechanical prowess, Purnell’s philosophy of bringing more future than past to watchmaking. Each timepiece distinguishes itself by having a tourbillon movement. Purnell takes this complication to a level of technical and aesthetic mastery that has never been seen before.

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