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Reuge  - Racing Legends Race Once More

Reuge Racing Legends Race Once More

With Raicng Legends, Reuge Revisits Formula 1 History With An Anachronistic Take On Its Most Iconic Cars

The first automata appeared around the time of the Enlightenment, a time of prodigious scientific discovery. Indulging their fascination for biomechanics, clockmakers and mechanical craftsmen built and brought to life a variety of androids – automata in the form of writers, draftsmen or musicians – and even animals. Reuge continues to excel in certain aspects of these eminently traditional applications of the art, including the creation of singing birds. But that doesn’t mean the manufacture is living in the past. Indeed, it thrives on reinvention.

After the success of Racing Symphony – a musical automaton inspired by 1930s racing cars, Reuge was more than happy to go back to the drawing board. This time, the Sainte-Croix manufacture pays tribute to the history of Formula 1 and the innovations that have marked the series since the 1950s. Thanks to the magic of clockwork, the icons of motor racing history are reunited for an epic performance.

avec Racing Legends, le monde de la F1 revit, de façon aussi anachronique que puissament légendaire

Racing Symphony © Reuge

Five, four, three, two, one, go!

Reuge recounts the history of F1 by bringing together the most iconic cars of the last 80 years. In order of appearance, they are: a red Alfa Romeo 158 (1950s), a yellow and green Lotus 25 (1960s), A blue Tyrell P34 (1970s), a red and white McLaren MP4/4 (1980s) and finally, representing the stupendous speeds of today, a silver Mercedes. These cars are all made from silver, as is the victory wreath, which is gold-plated.

avec Racing Legends, le monde de la F1 revit, de façon aussi anachronique que puissament légendaire

Manufacture Saint-Croix © Reuge

Racing Legends brings together five cars, each from a different decade, in a spectacular and iconic performance. A push-piece starts the race. Thanks to some serious mechanical wizardry, the cars don’t all travel at the same speed, which means that the result is a surprise every time. The race lasts 45 seconds. There’s no music – the silence is broken only by the focused whir of 2200 components working together to create this spectacular display.

Racing Legends Race Once More

Racing Legends © Reuge

And the winner is…!

When the final car crosses the finish line, the famous Formula 1 Theme is played by a 144-key musical automaton (the most complex that Reuge makes) with a 660-pin cylinder. The music lasts 35 seconds, and the machine has a power reserve of 41 minutes. Two black-coated aluminium winding keys supply power to the automaton and the music box. That’s more than enough for several laps of the track ¬¬– complete with musical finale! 




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