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Bianchet, a young, 100% independent watch brand, designs and develops its own meticulously modern watches that place the tourbillon at the centre of an openworked architecture with lines inspired by the golden ratio.


Independence is a key element of the Bianchet brand. The family-owned firm is the brainchild of an entrepreneurial couple who dropped everything to devote themselves to what must have looked like a crazy watchmaking adventure, combining self-assured modernity, cutting-edge techniques and a refined aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series, the Bianchet watch is designed for everyday wear. The result is prestigious fine watchmaking, imbued with warmth, passion and harmonious Italian lines.

Creation of the Bianchet brand
First prototype presented at Baselworld
Launch of the Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork at the Geneva Watch Days
Bianchet opens its first showroom in Neuchâtel in January
First Tourbillon B 1.618 collection unveiled at the Geneva Watch Days in August

Rodolfo and Emmanuelle Festa-Bianchet are united in life as they are in watchmaking. Together, they have travelled throughout Spain, Italy, France and Bulgaria. They have founded companies and indulged their appreciation of art, textiles, music and architecture. The Bianchet watch company is the culmination of their lived experience. Its select and exclusive creations embody the founders’ passion for beauty, proportion and precision. By focusing on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci series, Bianchet has succeeded in creating a collection imbued with a spirit of minimalism and modernity.


Tourbillon B1.618 Openwork

In these four numerals, art lovers will have spotted the reference to the golden ratio, the number that governs the design of the collection it inspired, in both its physical proportions and the values it embodies. With its harmonious architecture and smooth, sleek lines, the B1.618 is a theatre of watchmaking where the tourbillon takes centre stage. Located at 6 o’clock, its hypnotic rotation marks out a balletic performance amid interlaced openworked bridges that reveal the delicately ethereal calibre beneath, executed entirely in titanium. The subtle contours of the carbon case hug the curves of the wrist. Vibrant colours and rubber inserts give the Tourbillon B1.618 a sporty, modern appeal for everyday wear.