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Golay Spierer

Golay Spierer offers its varied clientele unique tailor-made pieces as a way to express its passion for watchmaking. This link created between craftsmen, artists, technicians and clients - and developed through the art of tailor-made watches - brings an emotional content to timepieces whose soul will last ad vitam æternam.


Golay Spierer was established in 2001, based on a serendipitous encounter between co-founders Christophe Golay and Emile Spierer in a watch boutique. The former was a chemical engineer, scion of the famous watchmaking family from the Vallée de Joux, who had always dreamed of making his own mark in the watch business and was fascinated with the concept of tailor-made timepieces. The latter was a physicist with a passion for watches, who, by complete coincidence, also nurtured the idea of a “sur mesure” watchmaking company.

Together, Christophe Golay and Emile Spierer set out the first lines of a company that would be able to take the dreams of their customers and turn those dreams into unique timepieces that could be found nowhere else in the world.

Over the years, Golay Spierer has served a wide range of clients, from seasoned watch collectors who are familiar with customisation to enthusiasts who are new to the whole experience. Relying on a network of trusted partners, which includes dialmakers, casemakers, engravers, enamellers, gemsetters and various suppliers of speciality components (screws, glasses, gaskets), Golay Spierer takes each client through the entire process of creating a timepiece from scratch.

First, the client’s inspirations and requirements for the tailor-made timepiece are determined through a comprehensive dialogue that covers the individual’s style, philosophy and budget. The watch design process is then initiated, also incorporating the mechanical functions, materials and watch finishes as specified by the client. When a design is approved, Golay Spierer produces the technical files necessary for its partner network to begin production, with the client being updated at every stage of creation. Finally, the finished timepiece, assembled in the Golay Spierer workshop, is presented to the client — the translation of a dream into reality.

The Golay Spierer atelier, established in Carouge, Geneva, delivered its first tailor-made timepiece in November 2001 and has produced over 150 unique watches since.

Auguste Golay establishes the Golay Leresche company.
Death of the founder and beginning of association with the Stahl family. The company becomes Golay Fils & Stahl.
– Christophe Golay and Emile Spierer join forces and create Golay Spierer. The atelier is established in Carouge, Geneva.
Golay Spierer creates its 50th custom-made timepiece.
Becomes independent after 5 years in a group.

At Golay Spierer, customers can find the timepieces that previously existed only in their minds. Respect is at the core of their work — respect for patrimony, for history, for craftsmanship, for innovation and for creativity.