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The early years of the third millennium brought the world a new paradigm of watchmaking, which came to be known as horological kinetic art.


Leading the charge was a handful of modern independent brands, key among which was MB&F. Founded by Maximilian Büsser in 2005, MB&F made waves with its Horological Machines, which reinterpreted time-telling through exuberant, unconventional designs. Creations such as Horological Machine N°3 catapulted MB&F to heights of recognition that were unprecedented among the watch cognoscenti, especially for such a small young brand.

In 2011, MB&F took yet another sharp turn in the eyes of its audience by launching the Legacy Machine collection, which had round cases, white dials, blued hands and classically finished movements. Despite these surprisingly traditional elements, Legacy Machine creations retained a disruptive heart — both metaphorically and literally. The hovering balance forms a consistent element throughout the Legacy Machine collection, with the exception of the award-winning Legacy Machine FlyingT (their first overt appeal to a feminine audience).

Doing things differently is a core value at MB&F, as exemplified by the company name — Maximilian Büsser and Friends. In contrast with the majority of traditional watch brands, MB&F openly communicates about its external partners. Long-time design collaborator and industry icon Eric Giroud is a prime example, as are renowned watchmakers such as Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, Jean-François Mojon, Kari Voutilainen and Eric Coudray, who have all lent their considerable expertise to MB&F creations.

This open approach can also be seen in the MB&F co-creations, joint endeavours involving other creative studios such as Reuge and L’Épée. Over the years, MB&F has received multiple industry awards, most notably at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, which has recognised MB&F for Horological Machine N°4 (Prix de la Montre Design, 2010), Legacy Machine N°1 (Prix du Public and Prix de la Montre Homme, 2012), Legacy Machine Perpetual (Prix de la Montre Calendrier, 2016) and Legacy Machine FlyingT (Prix de la Complication pour Dame, 2019).

Maximilian Büsser establishes MB&F.
The first creation of MB&F, Horological Machine N°1, is delivered.
Opening of the first MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in the heart of Geneva’s old town and the launch of the Legacy Machine No 1 which marks the beginning of a new collection with a round case.
MusicMachine is launched, the first of the MB&F co-creations.
The launch of the LM101 – the essence of the Legacy Machine collection in 40mm with the first movement designed entirely by MB&F.
The Legacy Machine Perpetual Evo is an evolution in design, technique and spirit of the Legacy Machine Perpetual. It is a watch that follows you day and night.

MB&F creations stem from a place that is personal in origin yet universal in appeal. The various Machines all have seeds of inspiration from the life and experience of Max Büsser, but resonate with MB&F lovers all over the world by tapping into the shared culture of youthful passions, whether it be science-fiction cartoons, sleek concept cars or fanciful dreams of space travel.

Central to the MB&F philosophy is the idea that a creative adult is a child who survived, a concept that places greater value on the attributes of curiosity, finding wonder even in the mundane, and retaining a fresh and unjaded approach.