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A horological iconoclast, intent on breaking free of watchmaking orthodoxy. A new way of telling the time, poetry on the wrist, an emotional connection. Trilobe is all that, and much more.


Trilobe is a creative independent watchmaker launched in France in 2018 by Gautier Massonneau.

The Trilobe watch was born of a desire to explore all the possibilities of the watchmaking universe. It defies the codes of traditional watchmaking, with a completely novel display and a new way to tell the time. Gone are the hands and business as usual. Time itself is set in motion, while the indicators remain fixed.

This original way of displaying hours, minutes and seconds is made possible by the X-Centric calibre – an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively for Trilobe. The X-Centric calibre is a concentration of watchmaking innovation, precision and Swiss craftsmanship, pushing back the limitations of time. Trilobe’s creations reflect an affinity for the arts, literature and architecture, and issue an invitation to eternal curiosity.

Gautier Massonneau enters into a partnership with Swiss master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon.
Trilobe is officially launched at the Musée des Arts & Métiers in Paris with its first collection: Les Matinaux.
L’Edition Secret is launched, with its signature personalised dial.

First nomination for the GPHG.

First participation in the Only Watch auction.
Introduction of the X-Centric calibre, the Maison’s signature automatic movement.

Second nomination for the GPHG, in the Petite Aiguille category.

Several points of sale around the world.
First participation in the Watches & Wonders watch fair.

Launch of the second collection: Nuit Fantastique.

Second participation in Only Watch auction with the “La Réciproque” clock created in collaboration with Daniel Buren.
Launch of third collection: Une Folle Journée.

Second participation in Watches & Wonders watch fair.

First participation in Geneva Watch Days.

A desire to be different.

Nothing lasts forever. For seven centuries, we’ve marked the passing hours and minutes with rotating hands. With Trilobe, hands are a thing of the past. The watch charts a new course, an itinerary of fantastic journeys and life-changing encounters. It gives you time to map out your own path and reinvent your own wheel. And so another vision of time is born: fewer hands, more magic!

You’ve got time.

It might take you an extra quarter of a second to tell the time. So what? Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the suffocating immediacy of the 21st century. To stop living life at full speed. True luxury is the ability to take your time. Trilobe invites you into a new dimension of time: time in motion, time set free.

Trilobe. Time. Liberated.


Nuit Fantastique

This collection is yet another invitation to set yourself free from time, and take full and passionate ownership of your life. Live, open yourself up to destiny, feel the thrill of shedding your old skin. Listen to the adrenaline pumping through your veins.
This design leans heavily on a minimalist aesthetic and plays with perceptions. The elegant dial with its grained texture was a technical challenge to produce. It defies symmetry, resolving into four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation. Raw and understated, this deconstructed dial presents three different windows: the biggest ring for the hours, the minutes wheel, which appears inside a window, and the seconds wheel with contrasting Clous de Paris and spiral motifs.

Les Matinaux

In this original collection, three rotating rings are set in motion, each bearing a different scale. The largest ring is for the hours, the middle one for minutes and the smallest for seconds. These off-centre, moving rings rotate anti-clockwise – not something you often see in traditional watchmaking. Look closely and you’ll notice more subtle details. The traditional fish to denote water resistance has been replaced with a duck. And the three misaligned trilobe motifs are intriguing. They bring a touch of poetry and whimsy to your wrist.


An intimate personalised watch.
Available in the Les Matinaux and Nuit Fantastique collections.
This edition provides a way to customise the dial with a representation of the night sky at the date, time and location of your choice. The starry sky provides a temporal snapshot, sending a subtle but powerful message of love, a happy memory, a life goal, or a private moment.
Each bespoke dial is made to measure. The star map creates an image of the day, time and place of your choice, making each watch a unique piece. It’s a subtle way of escaping the present moment to a different, happy or hopeful time, and capturing it for eternity.
At nightfall, after they have been activated by UV light, the stars illuminate the chosen moment, suspending the passage of time. It’s yet another invitation to escape time. A unique and meaningful timepiece.

Une Folle Journée

In keeping with our artistic and eccentric DNA, Une Folle Journée is a new creation that echoes our original creations and places our core values into perspective. With its off-centre, floating, rotating rings, this collection sets itself apart by combining the most exceptional watchmaking savoir-faire with contemporary design.
The dial, openworked for the first time, provides an opportunity to appreciate the watchmaking knowhow of the Swiss Made calibre, while showcasing the unusual depiction of time in motion. The depth of the complication allows the curious observer to admire the spectacular X-Centric calibre, updated and even more powerful.
The three rings for the hours, minutes and seconds are stepped, rising up into the generous sapphire dome to a height of 10.2 mm. It’s a true watchmaking marvel.