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RDI-Charles Kaeser - Mémoire collection

RDI-Charles Kaeser Mémoire collection

The new Mémoire watch winder is decorated with fossil wood.

Set off on a journey into the furthest reaches of time, and contemplate the memory of our beautiful planet in the petrified wood that composes each side of this new winder.

The dimensions of the Mémoire winder are 165 x 165 x 145 mm and its weight is 3 kilos. The sides and roof are made of petrified wood from tree branches.
Part vegetable, part mineral, petrified wood owes its extraordinary metamorphosis to a rare alchemy of water, ash and minerals such as iron, copper and manganese that gives each winder a unique pattern. Meticulous polishing brings out the magnificence and beauty of these authentic fossils, and reveals the rich palette of colours in a stunning abstract landscape.
The front of the winder is made of leather with a glass door and the columns are made of soft-black metal.


The Mémoire watch winder runs on mains electricity or batteries. It offers 16 different winding programmes to suit the requirements of thousands of different watch models and mechanical calibres.


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A family firm based in Switzerland, RDI is active in the watch accessory business, notably producing high-quality winders for mechanical watches.

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