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Carl F. Bucherer - Carl F. Bucherer and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Carl F. Bucherer Carl F. Bucherer and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Taking Lucerne to the World, Bringing the World to Lucerne

Carl F. Bucherer’s new partnership with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra – the internationally acclaimed symphony orchestra of Lucerne Festival – celebrates two creative forces that have a lot in common. Not only do the renowned festival and the Swiss luxury watch brand share a hometown, but also a rich history and the relentless pursuit of excellence. And these world class organizations pay a remarkable and fitting tribute to their passions with a breathtaking watch and a stunning new composition by Lisa Streich for the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, both of which defy conventions and expectations.

Carl F. Bucherer et le Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Le Lucerne Festival Orchestra © Carl F. Bucherer

But there’s more: Lucerne Festival and Carl F. Bucherer seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. Both value their independence. Both are passionate about an open and creative exchange with their aficionados at home in Lucerne and abroad. With every nuance of their creativity, they encourage a fascination among their community. And they recognize the commitment to quality and excellence as the highest calling of their daily performance.

Swedish composer Lisa Streich’s composition, intriguingly called “PERIPHERY” is a sonic counterpoint to a watch and its complex mechanics, which will be unveiled during this year’s Watches and Wonders. The musical piece establishes tangible references between specific instruments and some of the individual technical components of this soon-to-be launched watch movement and gives them an audio identity for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This exciting pairing will be a highlight during the long-awaited digital fair bringing together the Swiss watch industry.

Carl F. Bucherer et le Lucerne Festival Orchestra

Lisa Streich © Carl F. Bucherer

Sascha Moeri, the CEO of Carl F. Bucherer, says that his brand’s partnership with Lucerne Festival and its orchestra is a natural one. “A fine watch and a musical composition are similar in a number of ways," he declared. "They are both created from many individual components that have to work together perfectly. A conductor makes sure the musicians perform with each other precisely. A watchmaker has to do the same thing with the components of every timepiece.”

“A fine mechanical watch is a lot like a symphonic piece," says Michael Haefliger, Lucerne Festival’s Executive and Artistic Director. "They both reflect creative passion and combine art with craftsmanship. And each has the goal of stimulating an emotional response. Sascha and his team do that very well, and, of course, I’m always proud of the impact that the Lucerne Festival Orchestra’s performances have on our audiences, both at home and around the world.”

A Festival Orchestra and a Luxury Watch Brand: Flawlessly Interacting Parts

Consider Carl F. Bucherer: located in the heart of Switzerland, it is at home in the much-loved city of Lucerne. It creates contemporary timepieces whose hundreds of tiny parts interact with each other flawlessly. Without any one of its components, the totality of the watch simply wouldn’t be the same.

Now think about the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. Like Carl F. Bucherer, Lucerne Festival is based in the heart of Switzerland, and, similarly, the festival’s reputation and its orchestra’s renown have spread far beyond the Swiss border to fans in practically every corner of the world, attracting a loyal following throughout Europe and the United States as well as in Japan, South Korea, and China, where it has toured regularly since 2009. Each instrument in the orchestra plays an essential role in every score, and the absence of any would compromise the brilliance of the performance.


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