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Corum - « Bridging Art and Mechanics »

Corum « Bridging Art and Mechanics »

This book celebrates the famous Golden Bridge movement as well as three anniversaries.

Thirty-five years ago, in 1980, Corum launched a transparent wristwatch containing a baguette-shaped movement, whose name, Golden Bridge, described its caliber. This innovative watch was a bold gamble as it challenged traditional watchmaking codes; its whole philosophy was expressed by a mere 30 centimeters of precious yellow metal. In the Golden Bridge, form no longer followed function – form became its own raison d’être.

This timepiece formed a golden bridge to the liberation of design, and in this triple anniversary year Corum celebrates it by devoting a whole book to the timepiece: in 2015 the brand simultaneously celebrates its 60th anniversary, the 35th anniversary of the original Golden Bridge, and the 10th anniversary of the new Golden Bridge.

Journalist Elizabeth Doerr recounts the elements comprising the creation of this uncommon wristwatch with embodied detail, from its bold birth through the evolution of its iconic model family.
The book unfolds in seven chapters, beginning with the discovery of a young René Bannwart starting out on his path through the unsuspected origins of the movement and its technical challenges. The Golden Bridge is above all the result of a series of fortunate encounters, which pushed boundaries and exceeded expectations.

Launched in time for Baselworld 2015, this edition, initially available in English, will be sold in bookstores in the spring.
The book can be ordered online at Watchprint (price: CHF 85.-)



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Corum takes aesthetic daring to the heights of technical perfection. Through a number of collections, drawing on the fundamentals of traditional watchmaking, the manufacture continues to pursue its path free from the influence of passing trends.

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