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Editorial - Present Time

Editorial Present Time

Advent is upon us, which means only one thing here at WorldTempus…

The ecclesiastical period of Advent is one of those things that — like many in the liturgical year — doesn’t really have a fixed date. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, so basically either in the last few days of November or the opening days of December. For purposes of standardisation (and mass production), however, most commercially available advent calendars use 1 December as a starting date.

Present Time

Maurice Lacroix hat © Joy Corthésy

If you’re religious minded, or have a family that is, you’ll be familiar with the rather sober sort of advent calendar, the kind with verses and homilies and illustrations of a pastoral nature, which is designed to put you in a suitably joyful and devout frame of mind for the holy season. We at WorldTempus may have our individual faiths and devotions, but we have never allowed them to get in the way of our robust enjoyment of the rather jollier (and chocolatier) sort of advent calendar. Being based in the land of cheese and chocolate (and watches) has its advantages. There are a number of said chocolatey advent calendars in the office break room, and I know certain of my colleagues who are especially pleased each Friday (even more than usual), as this means they can eat three days’ worth of advent chocolates in a row. Too bad for the innocent intern hoping to reap the same three-chocolate bonanza on Monday mornings. The Friday gluttons got there first.

Sharing is caring, so they say, and 2020 has been a year that, if anything, has impressed deeply upon us the need to care for each other and shape our behaviours and actions towards the best interests of the community. This year, we need more than ever to show love and support to each other. You know what this means.

The WorldTempus Advent Calendar Giveaway is back! Things kicked off with a bang last Tuesday, and there are 24 gifts on offer, provided by the thoughtful partners of WorldTempus, including (but not limited to) a Reuge music box, a gift box of scented Bulgari toiletries, a Sequent SuperCharger 2.1 Premium watch and a watch stand from MB&F. If you’re only learning about this giveaway now, don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on anything. You can participate in all the giveaways made available on previous days, as the final draw will only take place after 24 December. Winners will only receive their gifts next year, but I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like extra and unexpected presents that arrive even after Christmas Day. Sometimes, you just want that little boost to start the next year off on the right note.

Present Time

MB&F watch stand © Joy Corthésy

Strictly speaking, the advent season is a time for Christians to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the coming of Christ the saviour. But I think we all needed a little salvation this year, whether that salvation comes in the form of spending time with your family, an uninterrupted week away from a hectic work environment, or perhaps the small but undiluted pleasure of winning an item in our advent giveaway.

Dear WorldTempus family, I’m very happy that you’ve read this far, but I don’t know what you’re still doing here. Shouldn’t you already be checking out the gifts that we — and our generous partners — have lined up for you?

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7 December 2020
Virginia Vanderbilt