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Editorial - What A Difference A Year Made

Editorial What A Difference A Year Made

In remembrance of things past...

Time doesn’t fly; that would imply that you could observe its passing, if you chose. Time vanishes, faster than you realise. Almost exactly one year ago, I began the latest chapter of my career. As editor in chief of WorldTempus, I have experienced something that is rare to begin with and vanishingly scarce after ten years in this industry — growth.

At the risk of becoming a little too personal on a professional platform, I will say that the last twelve months have catalysed my life. I moved to Switzerland at the end of 2017 with the aim of taking my work to a new level, but this only happened after I came to WorldTempus, thanks to amazing and supportive colleagues, who allowed me to experience real team spirit first-hand.

The WorldTempus family has grown too. We have new team members, our community — that’s you guys! — is increasing every day. Do you know what happens next year? WorldTempus turns 20. In the fast-paced media environment, and especially on the digital side of things, 20 years is a long time. But we either change with the times, or time changes us. I truly believe that the best thing that can happen to anyone is change. Change is life’s (or God’s) way of giving you an opportunity to become a better person.

I have always been inspired by that Bible verse from the Book of Isaiah that tells us not to dwell in the past, but to look to new things in the future, and that the Lord will clear the way. It may sound odd, that someone obsessed with 18th-century mechanisms should preach the virtues of looking forwards in time, but is it really that strange? All industries need more forward-looking perspectives. Perhaps ours in particular. Time doesn’t wait. It vanishes. But what we do in that time — the things we learn, the memories we make — they stay with us.

Too many of us know what it’s like to count the minutes until the end of the workday, until the weekend. Stop counting every minute. Start making every minute count. Do something new. What will your new thing be?