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M.A.D.Gallery - Spunwheel

M.A.D.Gallery Spunwheel

Hypnotic sculptures by Ryan Kvande, an American artist and founder of Spunwheel, at the M.A.D.Gallery.

The M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva presents Spunwheel, a mesmerizing collection of six kinetic sculptures with a hypnotic allure based on the moiré pattern. The handmade creations are set in motion by spinning two wheels in opposite directions, triggering a phenomenon of constantly changing patterns. Each piece has a run time of approximately 20 minutes; as the motion slows a "rocking effect” begins and the wheels rotate back and forth at varying speeds, creating a stimulating kaleidoscope-like visual.

Art cinétique

Flux Inner Turquoise © M.A.D.Gallery

These works of art were born out of a challenge: an empty wall. American artist Ryan Kvande saw a moiré pattern and his mind flooded with possibilities suitable for the space. “Pulling that idea out of my imagination and making it real was the challenge,” Ryan explains. “I settled on wood as my medium and had to learn every aspect from scratch. I made three amazing sculptures for that empty wall. Looking at them was like getting lost staring at a campfire. I knew I had created something special and had to share.” 


Office Razzle © M.A.D.Gallery

The essence of the moiré effect is the perception of a distinctly different third pattern of endless geometric designs generated by overlapping two of similar shape with transparent gaps, one moving in reverse so they rotate in opposite directions. Ryan’s interpretation of this simple visual perception produces a spellbinding performance that deepens our love for kinetic art here at the M.A.D.Gallery. When seen from far away, it looks as if it is one shape moving in an impossible way. 

The Spunwheel collection consists of six works of art that are each unique due to their original patterns and further enhanced by the natural wood grains of the Baltic birchwood Ryan uses.

Art cinétique

Flow Inner Red © M.A.D.Gallery

The sculptures, already visually attractive when still, become downright fascinating when set in motion with a simple spin of the hand. The observer almost sinks into a trance watching these mechanical oeuvres in motion, making it become almost impossible take one’s eyes off them.

Two of the round works, Razzle and Trance, fascinate with their powerful, spinning motifs. One of the largest in the collection, Razzle measures 40 inches (101 cm) in diameter, while Trance is the smallest at 31 inches (78 cm) across. Both are finished with a dark brown dye. 

Zip, coming in at 36 inches across, boasts an airy architecture that is further intensified with a fiery red colour in the centre, unfolding a vivid and constantly changing pattern. Similar to Zip in colour composition, Flow has an intricate design that seemingly melts into the wall as the 31-inch (78 cm) sculpture spins. 

Tranquil and Flux both incorporate a cerulean blue throughout the inner motif that is delightful to watch and offers meditative qualities like the waves of the sea. 

These pieces are entrancing: just one hanging on a wall will bring a lifetime of enjoyment to viewers while a collage of these three-dimensional, kinetic sculptures would be euphoric.