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Arije - Arije: An Immersive Experience

Arije Arije: An Immersive Experience

“Customer experience” is a key concept of every marketing manual, and the watch industry, like everyone else, pays close attention. But everyone has their own idea of how to implement it. Arije’s take is unusually ambitious.

The figures give some idea of what’s involved: from 250 square metres, Arije’s Parisian flagship store has grown to 1600 square metres – a sixfold increase. It is probably one of the most grandiose temples to watchmaking and jewellery in the whole of Europe. And practically everything was created from scratch: the client reception area, the colourful materials, glass-fronted display cases, sales areas and service workshops. The brand has developed a complete 360° concept to accompany the client from the entrance foyer to the exit. 

100% bespoke

The company’s first decision was that everything should be 100% made-to-measure. This begins with the furniture and interior decor, but Arije didn’t stop there. In order to create a client experience that was as immersive as possible, the maison developed its own music (different tracks for different floors), perfume ranges and even... its own coffee. On Level -1 it’s possible to sample an Arije Espresso, made to Arije’s own secret recipe. 

L’expérience immersive d’Arije

Arije boutique © Arije

To navigate through this universe, laid out across three levels, Arije has developed a guided tour, such as one might expect to find in a museum. Every host and hostess is trained to accompany any client who might wish to visit the immense Arije complex, according to a predetermined route. The aim is to prolong the client experience by explaining the choices Arije has made, and the reasons behind this particular finish, this layout or this decoration.

A feast for the senses

To reinforce the impression left on customers, Arije has developed an architectural approach that involves all five senses: sight, with the interplay of light and reflections, based mainly around the soft lustre of gold; sound, with a bespoke soundtrack designed by Arije, supplemented by birdsong to greet visitors in the foyer: smell, and a different scent signature for each space; touch, with a predominance of leather (counters), luxury fabrics (armchairs) and thick carpet under each desk; and taste, with the famous Arije Espresso.

L’expérience immersive d’Arije

Boutique Arije © Arije

A strategic choice

Beyond the ambiance, which is designed to create a feeling of general wellbeing in the customer, and thus a propitious frame of mind for spending, Arije has made some additional strategic choices. First, watches and jewellery are brought together on the ground floor, where display cases of watches alternate with jewellery displays. Next, taking a highly original approach, Arije has installed an Art de Vivre zone on the lower ground floor. This space accommodates pieces from major design houses that have no connection with either watchmaking or jewellery, including Baccarat, Haviland, Lalique, and other names familiar to connoisseurs of writing implements, cigars or niche perfumes. Clients who prefer not to advertise their presence can avail themselves of the VIP Room on the first floor, which has its own library. There’s also a bespoke alcove for parents with young children, who will instinctively recognise that the leather beanbags are intended just for them. It’s never too early to initiate future clients into their first “customer experience”!

L’expérience immersive d’Arije

Boutique Arije © Arije

From clients to partners

Within this vast sensory universe, brands are free to set out their own stalls. From Rolex to Baume & Mercier, from Bovet to Glashütte Original or Chopard, each brings their own aesthetic: colour codes, POS advertising and, of course, the latest models. Rolex green sits alongside Cartier red; they each have a dedicated counter, a virtual shop-in-shop. 

L’expérience immersive d’Arije

Boutique Arije © Arije

Less well-known brands such as Bovet occupy column-style display cases that show off a few rare pieces to their best advantage. Other brands include the more affordable Baume & Mercier, or Chopard, one of the rare examples at the crossroads of watchmaking and jewellery. Indeed, Arije’s strength lies precisely in its ability to unite these different worlds and different brands in a single, fluid and homogeneous customer experience. It’s a textbook example, to be explored further at Rue Pierre Charron in Paris. 

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