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Manufacture Royale - Arnaud Faivre, CEO

Manufacture Royale Arnaud Faivre, CEO

He has taken up the challenge of breathing new life into an undertaking dating back to the Age of Enlightenment.

"Great minds think alike", said Voltaire, and Arnaud Faivre knows what that means.  This not-so-young French entrepreneur, having already a full career behind him whilst working for the best in the industry, wished to take his art to another level and provide timepieces designed to satisfy the very demanding expectations of the real enthusiast.  

Having had the responsibility within the most prestigious firms of creating delicate hand-made watch parts, he has decided to launch his own brand. Although daily able to contemplate the most beautiful of objects, he has taken up the challenge of breathing new life into an undertaking dating back to the Age of Enlightenment and which almost everyone has either forgotten or never even knew:  the workshop founded by Voltaire in Ferney, a village bordering Geneva but on the other side of the frontier.


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Driven by an unquenchable sense of perfection, and an equally consuming passion for the art of watch-making, he has been joined by similar 'pure' spirits prepared to give their all - talent, time and technique - to a project that, in both concept and creation, takes that art to heights until now unimaginable.   The idea is not to produce the next rare, exclusive watch, but to create a work of art in the full sense of the term; to produce an instrument whose objective qualities make it stand out from the crowd.  In short, the idea is to push all the relevant concepts to their limits so that, starting from scratch, one can create the 'ultimate'.   

A purely intellectual approach to horology where the strength and beauty of the object are the very essence of its nobility, of its pertinence, and of its durability. 


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With part of its history in the eighteenth century and the rest in the twenty-first, Manufacture Royale is committed to combining the best attributes of both.

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