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Christmas gift guide
Christmas gifts - Buying tips (2): Where to buy

Christmas gifts Buying tips (2): Where to buy

In the second part of his two part series, Keith Strandberg asked watch retailers around the world for advice on the best places to buy watches as a Christmas gift.

Go to the experts
Armen Darakjian, Darakjian Jewelers (Birmingham, MI, USA)
“Clients today want choices with the proper professional to help guide them through the purchase process. Over two decades of attending the Basel fair also gives us a vast knowledge on all brands, mainstream or exotic, boutique or conglomerate. Trends starting and trends falling off, new innovations and limited editions are just some of the knowledge we bring to the table, giving our guests the confidence that they are in the right place. You have to choose your retailer carefully, so make sure you choose an authorized retailer.”


Armen Darakjian


Look for a wide selection
Joachim Ziegler, CEO, Les Ambassadeurs (Switzerland)
“Come for the amazing range of products, stay for the service. Les Ambassadeurs is today one of the very few true multi-brand stores. We offer our customers a wide and unique range of different brands, giving them the best and neutral advice in a beautiful, modern and truly luxurious setting. For everybody who is not able to visit Switzerland, we have set up an interactive watchfinder where you can choose among thousands of watches according to your personal criteria.


Joachim Ziegler


Protect yourself – buy authorised
Greg Simonian, President of Westime (Beverly Hills, CA, USA)
“When you are buying something expensive, you want to make sure the retailer has a direct relationship with the manufacturer. If the seller is not an authorized retailer, you could unknowingly be buying a used watch, and the warranty has already started or has expired. A watch that seems new could be six years old, and it could include watch parts that aren't even made by the manufacturer. Sometimes the seller doesn't even know it is a used watch. If you have problems, an authorized retailer can facilitate any repair through direct access to the company.
“When someone finds the right watch, I am happy if they are satisfied. That said, I won't push anyone to buy something that is not for them. That wouldn't instill trust. I want people to trust us and have a relationship with us, not a one-time sale. I have often talked customers out of watches that they thought they wanted to buy.
“I love that the watch industry is such an old industry, but constantly full of innovation and change. I also love that a watch represents a big decision in someone's life. After all, a watch is the only item - unlike clothes or accessories - that is socially acceptable to wear.


Greg Simonian


Consider vintage
Greg Kwiat, CEO of Fred Leighton
“There is a timeliness quality to vintage jewelry and watches. They have a storied past and are continuing to evolve their story when given as a gift. A vintage watch is something that can be worn everyday - the classics of gifts - and is a daily keepsake of the occasion. Along with their usefulness, vintage watches have become increasingly desirable for their collectability and investment. Whether jewelry or watches, one of the best attributes of buying vintage is the heirloom quality and that the pieces and their stories can be passed down for generations.”


Greg Kwiat


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