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de Grisogono - Grappoli S06, creativity decoded

de Grisogono Grappoli S06, creativity decoded

de Grisogono refuses to choose between watchmaking and jewellery. The entirely ruby-paved Grappoli watch embodies the brand’s combined skills. An exuberant watch which, one by one, adopts the cherished codes of its creator, Fawaz Gruosi.

Rule number 1: set design in motion
It is instantly recognisable, through the audacity of its design and its appealing, precious curves, not to mention its playful side… At de Grisogono, the idea of movement is key. It is a recurrent leitmotif in its jewellery and watchmaking history. Surrounded by a halo of mobile briolette-cut rubies, the Grappoli S06 shines with an ever-different light, depending on the movements of the woman wearing it. Atypical but certainly not unwearable, the Grappoli watch expresses all the inventive power of Fawaz Gruosi who imparts such a distinctive look to de Grisogono creations that they would be easily identifiable without a logo.

Rule number 2: choose only the most beautiful precious stones
de Grisogono is engaged in an enduring love story with precious stones that began right from its early days. It was indeed the unique manner in which Fawaz Gruosi highlighted the most beautiful or most original gems – the brand was notably the first to create an entire collection of jewels set with black diamonds – that began earning him a reputation in the field. Having explored all the facets of the Grappoli watch with versions in emeralds, white diamonds, blue sapphires, orange sapphires and mauve-tinted amethysts, de Grisogono now highlights all the fascinating beauty of rubies. Every stone is carefully selected for its colour and shape. Only the most extraordinary are chosen to form part of a perfect composition.

de Grisogono - Grappoli S06

Rule number 3: defy gemsetting rules
Free as the air, rubies appear to settle harmoniously but without the slightest logic on the dial and bezel. The principle of snow setting is based on striking a delicate balance between technical mastery and aesthetic flair. When it comes to assembling the stones, the gemsetter follows no predefined design, but rather integrates different size stones in a random manner, according to a single rule: aesthetic perfection. The result embodied by the Grappoli S06 is quite simply fascinating: the rubies appear to be literally suspended in mid-air and gently swaying at the whim of this ethereally light, resolutely haute couture creation that is by its very nature truly unique.

Rule number 4: honour the indispensable
It’s a brand icon: galuchat (also known as shagreen and taken from sharkskin or stingray skin), an organic leather that Fawaz Gruosi was the first to use in the watch industry with the Instrumento Uno model launched in 2000. Since this initial resounding success, de GRISOGONO has showcased this material throughout its jewellery collections but also to extend the cases of its ladies’ watches. Over the years, it has become an indispensable part of the brand identity. This colourful emblem is now interpreted in a red version – symbolising fiery passion – on the Grappoli S06.


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Keen to develop technical timepieces with a refined and distinctive aesthetic appearance, in less than twenty years de Grisogono has successfully carved out a niche in the world of watchmaking. Its audacious design ethos is expressed in firmly contemporary, off-beat timepieces.

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